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‘The International’: The Winners From Every TI

Every Dota 2 global champion has been revisited for The International 10th anniversary. It is apparent that Valve and the community have worked hard for many years to make this goal a reality by looking at the total prize money for the tournament. 

Internationally, what type of organization is it, and what is it all about, to begin with?

Dota 2’s annual global championship tournament, where the best teams battle for the title and one of the most valuable prize pools in esports.Total prize money for  the international ti  competition this year is $40,018,195; the winner will get $18,208,300. At some point in their career, Dota 2 players want to win the TI tournament.

One of Valve’s yearly tournaments is known as the International or TI. In 2015, Valve launched the Dota Major Championships, which features The International as one of their tournaments. The International is the most well-known and the largest of the main championship contests.

At the Gamescom trade fair in Cologne, Germany, Dota 2’s first International was hosted to show off the game to the globe. Gamers were intrigued by the $1.6 million USD prize pool, which included $1 million for the winner. At the end, there were 16 teams remaining.

After moving to Seattle in 2012, no one had ever seen The International before. The $1.6 million USD total prize money is unchanged. A total of 14 teams were invited, with an extra two spots reserved for the champions of regional qualifying competitions.

Starting in 2013, Dota 2 players will be able to compete for cash prizes. Cash and awards totaled $2.8 million during the International 2013. As of this writing, the 2016 prize pool is valued at $20 million, whereas the 2014 prize pool is at $10 million.

The International was held in Vancouver, Canada, for the first time following six years in Seattle. The International 2019 in Shanghai, China, has a record $34 million prize pool, which surpassed the International 2020 in Los Angeles, which will be held in 2020.

For reasons related to the COVID-19 epidemic, the International 10 has been postponed until 2021. An event in Sweden scheduled for 2019 was moved to Bucharest, Romania owing to worries about regulatory compliance.

Teams That Have Won The International Including The Prize Money

  1. Natus Vincere (US$1 million)
  2. Invictus Gaming (US$1 million)
  3. Alliance (US$1,437,190)
  4. Newbee (US$5,025,029)
  5. Evil Geniuses (US$6,634,661)
  6. Wings Gaming (US$9,139,002)
  7. Team Liquid (US$10,862,683)
  8. OG (US$11,234,158)
  9. OG (US$15,620,181)
  10. Team Spirit (US$18,208,300)

One of TI1’s most successful teams is Natus Vincere.

At The International in Cologne, Germany, Natus Vincere beat EHOME 3-1 in the event’s first win. In the history of Dota 2, Clement “Puppey” Ivanov is the only player to have competed in every major tournament. The tournament’s $1 million top prizes went to Na’Vi, who took home $1.6 million.

Invictus Gaming has suddenly been the center of attention for TI2.

Invictus Gaming beat Natus Vincere 3-1 to win the International 2012 tournament. The $1 million TI2 jackpot was awarded from a $1.6 million prize pool.

The TI3 champion was Alliance.

Tournament prize money was increased by US$2.50 for each compendium purchased at TI3. Alliance faced a powerful Natus Vincere in the tournament’s finals. Natus Vincere and Alliance battled it out 3-1 to place Dota 2 on the world stage. An anticipated $2,874,380 prize pool resulted in a first-place payout of $1,437,190.

Newbee was the victor of TI4.

Dota 2 and The International’s growing popularity necessitated the move to KeyArena. In the final, Newbee beat Vici Gaming 3-1, establishing China as the world’s most dominant esports nation. A total of $10,923,977 was awarded in prize money at TI4. Newbee took home $5,025,029 of it.

A victory for Evil Geniuses was secured at TI5.

The first time a North American team won a tournament was when Evil Geniuses beat CDEC Gaming 3-1. Team Instinct 5’s prize money was distributed more equally for the first time in its history. A total of $6,634,661 in prize money was awarded to Evil Geniuses at TI5.

Wings Gaming, the TI6 champions, is the subject for this one. 

KeyArena hosted The International 2016 for a third consecutive year. Tournament prize money got a quarter of the Battle Pass’s total earnings for this year’s tournaments. To win TI6 for the third time, Wings Gaming overcame Digital Chaos 3-1 in the last round of play in the final match. Wings Gaming was given the top reward of $9,139,002 from total prize money of more than $20 million.

It was Team Liquid that triumphed in TI7.

In 2017, 18 new clubs opened as a result of a corporate choice. To win the TI7 title, the European team, Liquid, defeated the Chinese team, Newbee, 3-0. TI7 had a total prize pool of $24,787,916. Team Liquid received $10,862,683 as a result of their victory.

The TI8 title was won by OG.

DPC Major and Minor championships were the first to implement Valve’s new point-based system at the International 2018. The TI8 tournament’s semi-finals were decided by these traits. The Cinderella story of OG came to an end as they beat PSG in the final. The final score was 3-2 in favor of LGD. US$25,532,177 of TI8’s main prize pool is worth $11,234,158.

OG is overjoyed after winning the TI9 grand prize.

At the International 2019, OG became the first team in Valve history to win back-to-back titles. Team OG, led by N0tail Sundstein, defeated Team Liquid in the Overwatch grand finals with a score of 3-1. For OG, a total prize fund of $34,330,686 was awarded.

The tenth time in this row, Team Spirit won TI10.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, TI10 was postponed and awarded to Team Spirit instead. For the first time ever, a Russian team won the Aegis of Immortality after defeating Paris Saint-Germain. In the end, LGD prevailed 3-2. The $40 million prize pool for TI10 set a new esports record for the most money ever awarded in a single tournament. 

Hence, now many might wonder what to expect from the next International or TI11. Who will win and what will be the prize money? 

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