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Quality control manager in Uss-Express.com: vacancy reviews by employees and experts

If you want to quickly find a well-paying job near me, then we encourage you to visit our website. We all know that it is difficult for people to find work during quarantine, but we can make it easier for you. Therefore, to find a job, you need to read this review of the quality manager vacancy from experts of businessdiary.com.ph. We recently reviewed testimonials on Indeed and uss express, as well as online platforms. We have learned a lot and we will share it with you.

Description of the company.

Uss Express is the most popular company in the logistics industry. It has existed for almost ten years. It is an international company that provides goods delivery and dropshipping services.

It is known not only in Europe but also around the world. The company’s customers are usually people who are developing their e-commerce business. This business is common in Asian countries. Despite great advances in e-commerce, the company is also a specialist in consulting and warehousing.

The entry-level

Logistics is an industry where providers have a task to ensure the movement and storage of goods and inventory to ensure production and sales.

Of course, this type of work does not always have many vacancies. Because this work requires workers who have to go to each warehouse with the products and deliver it to those who need them. Therefore, this is not very suitable for the query “job near me”. But uss-express offers you a vacancy for a quality manager.

If you want to show your skills in this area, then send an application and expect samples of work. You don’t have to worry about your candidacy. If you have a low starting level, you can assume that you have passed the interview. You can read the requirements below.

  • Age: 18+
  • Necessary equipment: PC/laptop, smartphone, printer
  • Location: any physical address where the goods might be stored

Quality control manager in Uss-Express.com: vacancy reviews by employees and experts

Job description: salary and prospects

After the interview, the candidates are given information that they need to get acquainted with. This is primarily a job description.

The instructions refer to the functions of the employee.

  1. to deliver and receive orders;
  2. to check the quality of goods and packages;
  3. to track deliveries;
  4. to keep in touch with customers and suppliers;
  5. to communicate with other managers
  6. to provide reports.

Uss-Express is a popular company where people get paid well. Of course, it is not a competitor of Amazon, but they sometimes give a higher salary than Amazon to its employees. Our employees can expect a salary of 1500-1700 dollars per month.

Indeed testimonials

We paid a lot of attention to  uss-express.com reviews published by real former or current workers of the organization. Here is what we’ve discovered on Indeed:

  1. The current quality manager from Austria: “When I applied to this company, I was very hesitant whether they would accept me or not. I had no experience in this field, but I was accepted. I was interviewed and got a great job. Now it doesn’t matter where I work, I can work at home or in a cafe, because it’s an online job. I get a good salary and can spend a lot of time with my family. ”
  2. Former manager from Miami: “I worked for this company for more than a year. This was my first unique experience. For the first time, I felt what it was like to work with pleasure. I had many responsibilities, but they were not difficult. Sometimes it seemed to me that I did not notice how easily I did my job. That’s why I recommend you try your hand at logistics. ”

You can also view reviews from the Trustpilot platform:

  1. Michael Johnson from the USA: “I am very pleased with my work. Work in the field of logistics is not very difficult, but responsible. My responsibilities included checking the goods for quality, because no buyer wants to buy defective goods. So sometimes it gives me pleasure. I am very glad that I found such a job. I would like more people to start working for such companies, because they give people the opportunity to develop and earn good money. “
  2. Tom Anderson from the south of Italy: “I like working in this company. There were moments when I was also awarded a prize for my work. After such moments, there is an inspiration to work harder. I also want to say that I was impressed by the extremely polite staff and customers. I had no problems communicating with customers. That’s why I am satisfied with everything and I continue to work”.

So, after lengthy surveys, we received a rating from this employer, as it is highly rated by both Indeed and Trustpilot.


Platform Score
Indeed 4.7
Trustpilot 4.6



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