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Top Master Programs for IT Professionals

India is a hub for IT services, nearly 75% of the global IT talents are in India. The industry looks after the core competencies, strengths of the workforce and accelerates their R&D efforts and innovations. Therefore, the demand for skilled professionals and specialists is high. Post-graduate programs or an advanced level of specialization programes are always helpful to step ahead in your career. Information Technology offers diversified career paths in which you can choose the career which gives career stability, advanced career growth opportunity, pay well.

People choose a master’s degree or postgraduate programes for many reasons. Upgrading their skillset, promotion, career growth, career switch, higher-paying job role. As per the recent survey, professionals who carry advanced degree programs or advanced certification programes earn 28% more than normal bachelor’s degree-professional in the IT field. The differences in salary packages between a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree are significant enough to inspire many to take up the master programs or Postgraduate programes.

Data Science is a booming sector in the globe, not only in IT, data science is using various fields such as telecommunication, healthcare, Software, finance, manufacturing, e-commerce and many more. For an IT professional, who has limited professional experience, Data science is the best field to switch to. The master in data science or PG certification in data science helps you to grow rapidly in your career and gives job security, good salary. It gives a wide range of options to choose their career path with high demand jobs.

5 Spellbinding reasons to earn master program/PG certification

  • Upgrading your skill set
  • Growth in terms of leadership and management skills
  • Differentiate yourself
  • Earn lifelong credential
  • Strategic thinking skills to the next level.

What matters most while choosing the postgraduate programmes in data science?

Data science is a vast subject with various specializations. Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Data Engineering are the top specialization courses in data science. Depending on what you want to do in your career, these specialization programes add value to your career. From a Master degree to various certification programmes, you can choose any program based on your choice. Various e-learning platforms are offering various online programes from prestigious universities. They designed the programmes for working professions with weekend live classes and pre-recorded classes. You can find various master degree programs in data science, Artificial intelligence and machine learning, various certification programes like machine-learning certifications, data analytics certification, Business analytics certification, PG diploma programes in the same specializations.

Benefits of opting for online courses:

  • Flexible timing for learning
  • Recorded classes and live classes for better understanding.
  • Avail the certification from a prestigious university
  • Interaction from industry experts and capstone projects.
  • Become an expert on a specific topic.

Top e-learning platforms

  • Coursera
  • Upgrad
  • Simplilearn
  • edX
  • Great learning

Top Master programs in data science

  • Sc in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence from Liverpool John Moores university – UpGrad
  • MS in Data Science from Northwestern University – Great learning
  • MS in Data Science from IIIT-B – UpGrad
  • MS in Data Science from The University of Arizona – UpGrad

Top Data Science and machine-learning certification programes

  • Machine Learning Certification Course – Simplilearn
  • Postgraduate Program in AI and Machine Learning from PurdueUniversity with the collaboration of IBM – Simplilearn
  • Advanced Certification in Machine Learning and Cloud from IIT – Madras – UpGrad
  • Advanced Certificate Programme in Machine Learning & NLP from IIIT-B – UpGrad
  • IBM Data Science Professional Certificate – Coursera
  • Azure Data Scientist Associate from Microsoft -Coursera

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