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How to find reliable academic transcription service

Everyday you can hear a lot of audio recordings. This could be music, podcasts, videos, audiobooks, and so on. If you are at the university or college, you also will hear a lot of recorded dialogues or audio guides. However, very often, such academic recordings are of low quality, so you can’t catch difficult words. And the problem is that you may miss some vital information from the recording. How to solve this?

The answer is simple. You have to listen to the recording as many times as it is needed to get all the data. Yet do you have a lot of time to do this? Probably, no. Thus, you will think about transcription help. In this case, the best decision is to turn to a professional academic transcription service without any delays.

You may wonder, but there are a lot of online companies that provide such kind of assistance. They have great teams, legal and high-quality software, and, of course, very good hardware to make good transcriptions. The question is: how to choose the best academic transcription service? In this article, we provide the answer.

Ensure They Are Legal

Since the market of online transcription is very huge, there are a lot of fake transcription companies that may fraud you. We are sure that you don’t want to be a victim of such a company and lose your money. Thus, the first and foremost thing you have to do is to check all the legal information:

  1. Where they registered and when. If they don’t have registration at all, it is definitely not your company. If the company is very young, it is better to check some more information about the owners and their reputation.
  2. Terms of use. Such a document is obligatory for every online company. Read them carefully and attentively since this document defines the rights and obligations of parties. Thus, it is the main document to use if you will have some problems with a company (e.g., low-quality services).
  3. Privacy policy. Each legal company should provide guarantees that all of the data will be highly secured. Firstly, you have to be sure that your personal data will remain confidential. Secondly, you have to be sure that the company won’t share your recording and transcription results.
  4. Payment providers. It is also very important to understand that an online transcription company uses a reliable payment provider. Thus, you will have guarantees that all your transactions are secured as well as the payment data.

Check all of this information first of all. Mind that if the company is fake, the rest of the data means nothing for you. And for the opposite, if you understand that the company is legal and trustworthy, you can proceed to the next factors.

Ask for Information About their Approach

Since you need high-quality transcription services, you would definitely need some guarantees that you can get such services from a certain company. Firstly, ask for information about their team:

  • they aren’t freelancers;
  • they are young people (young people have a better hearing);
  • they have relevant experience.

Mind that even if you ask for an automated transcription service, there is a person who configures the software and makes the edits after transcription. That is why you need guarantees that you work with professionals.

Secondly, you need some information about the software they use. Professional human transcribers don’t want to waste time on their tasks. Thus, they will always use reliable and highly-functional software. So ask for this information and check the rating of programs that a certain company uses.

Thirdly, it is necessary to understand that a transcription company uses high-quality hardware to transcribe audio to text. Thus, you may ask to assure that a company that you choose has perfect computers, head speakers, loudspeakers and so on.

If the company doesn’t want to provide you with any of the information mentioned above, just avoid it. A legal and reliable company has nothing to hide.

Online Reputation Matters

You might understand that nowadays, feedback means a lot. If we use online services, we usually leave feedback. Most companies encourage customers to provide a review for several reasons:

  • it helps to improve SEO;
  • it helps to improve the service itself;
  • it helps to get more customers.

Thus, online reputation is one more crucial factor to check when you want to choose the best transcription company. Try to surf as long as possible and read all of the testimonials. If you find out that the reviews are very similar on different websites, they are probably fake. Thus, you have to avoid such a company.

If somebody recommends you to use a certain company, you don’t have to check any testimonials (if you trust this person or a source). Direct recommendations are the best feedback for any kind of online transcribing company.

Check Prices

How much money can you spend on academic transcription services? Are you ready to spend a fortune or not? Probably not since you understand that such kind of service is not very difficult. Thus, you don’t have to overpay. The average price for online transcription services is $1.25. Thus, if you see a higher price for a standard project, it is better to find another company.

At the same time, if you see that the price is lower, you should seek another company too. MInd that cheap transcription services are usually of low-quality. If the company charges a low cost for audio to text transcribation, they definitely work with inexperienced freelancers.


Whenever you need academic transcription services, you can’t just Google and choose the company without proper analysis. In this case, you might get low-quality services, overpay for online transcription or even get scammed. Thus, you have to always check the company that you want to use.

If you don’t have enough time to do the research and need urgent transcription help, we recommend turning to Transcriberry.com. We always use this company to transcribe our recordings and conferences. Moreover, we ask for transcription help when we do the market research. They have a very good reputation and affordable prices. And it is also important that they have very friendly customer support.


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