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7 Must-See Games Released in September | 2022

It’s that time of year—the fall we’re already starting to feel in our bones. Another month has passed and we’ve got another round of game releases to look forward to. If you’re like me and don’t like waiting months for something interesting to come out, you might want to see some of the best games hitting shelves in September.

September was a great month Video game Many games have reached new heights on their way to becoming bestsellers. NA 2K23, Beacon Pines, Wayward Strand, Life is Strange Remastered, LEGO Star Wars – The Skywalker Saga. Horizon Forbidden West, Moonbreak, Metal Hellsinger and more. Here are seven that caught my attention.

The Last of Us | Part I

If you’re still hoping, the game is available for purchase now. A follow-up story to the original, the game is set in a post-apocalyptic pattern and is a modern take on the events of a zombie-infested United States. The game is scheduled for release on his September 2nd, 2022 and is now accessible worldwide. PlayStation 4 and 5 console.

The storyline features a girl and a man on the run from an epidemic that has taken over the world. To survive, they must defeat those who caused the infection and those who made it worse. It was created by his Naughty Dog, the same company as ‘The Uncharted Series’. If you’re a fan of the Uncharted series, you’ll love this one too.

This remake is a complete overhaul of the original series, exquisitely recreated but incorporating updated gameplay mechanics, enhanced controls, and expanded accessibility options.

Diorfield Chronicle

The Diofield Chronicle tells of a mythical age that begins in an age of relative terror and darkness. The human world has been ravaged by tyranny that has been raging for years. And gamers in this game set will be put to a heroic test.

of dio field chronicle It features a storyline in which the player takes on the role of a group of brave mercenaries known as the Blue Foxes. If you win, your heroism will be sung for a long time to come. But when all swords are put away, will this courage bring hope, or will darkness reign here?

Diofield Chronicles is now available on all platforms. PlayStation 4 and 5, nintendo switchand all Xbox series. The latest installment from Lancarse and Square Enix is ​​a strategic RPG game, technically brought to life with an intensely immersive story and his RTTB graphics.

steel rising

This is definitely what nearly everyone has been waiting for since it was announced. Steelrising is PlayStation 4 and five platforms, Xbox series, and PC. The game features revolutionary French regions, great characters, and epic gameplay. steel rising Created by Nacon and Spiders. If you’ve played Greedfall 1 and 2, they should know he’s the developer for The Technomancer, Bond by Flames, and more for PlayStation. Xbox Oneand PC.

The story of Steelrising takes place in a revolutionary French world where humans and robots have taken over Paris. You play as Aegis. Aegis was once the Dancer’s Automaton, the Queen’s personal body and his guard — “Gabriel de Polignac” during the Revolution, but now Louis He is the slaughterer imposed on the people by the Robot Legions of the XVI. is tasked with preventing

The level of design and cinematics in this game is very unique. Because you can explore your surroundings and level up quickly without worrying about obstacles or enemies getting in your way.

splatoon 3

You’ll have to go through all the dangerous and exciting sites to win at least this 4v4 story mode. If there’s one thing he has made this game a gamer’s favorite, it’s the adventurous setting and game mechanics, the excellent DLC, and possibly the Salmon Run mode first revealed in his Splatoon 2. due to reintroduction.

can pick up splatoon 3 for nintendo switch!

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (All Star Battle R)

Bandai Namco’s JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Rebranded With All Modern console; Nintendo, PlayStation 4Five, Xbox One, PC, and all Series X/S platforms. According to the JoJo franchise, its aim was to celebrate its newfound popularity compared to the negative reaction it received from Western critics in 2013.

In this latest installment, players can assume the role of ten new characters from all eight arcs. This time, it’s a 3D fighting game with all Stardust Crusaders characters in the game, including the first ever female fighter.

check out All Star Battle R for Xbox now!

world of warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic

If his wrath is legendary, know that evil never sleeps and wakes up!The legendary lich returns with the latest installment world of warcraft A classic, nothing can stop him from wreaking havoc on Azeroth. in or with other players to adventure the icy lands of Northrend.

As always, gameplay offers an engaging experience featuring dangerous cave dungeons, enhanced plots, magical inks and pigments, and more.


If you like RPGs and dark fantasy games, you might be interested in this game. Soulstice is set in the warlike kingdom of Kediath, which has come under siege by cruel and reckless invaders known as ‘Wraiths’. Soulstice is something like Souls combined with a bit of Devil May Cry. To stop the siege, players take on the role of two hybrid soldiers, Lute and Briar, in a gameplay known as “Chimera” to save an already-ruined city from destruction.

All in all, the last month saw some great new games announced. Enjoy the rest of October. Stay tuned for future game features.

https://www.dragonblogger.com/7-must-see-games-sept2022/ 7 Must-See Games Released in September | 2022

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