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Twitch streamer kicked out of house while livestreaming

Ceum had to cut the stream short (pic: Twitch)

Life tends to catch streamers off guard sometimes. convulsions Streamer Seum and her family were evicted while she was playing Dreamlight Valley.

Seum, or simply Sam, has amassed over 80,000 followers on his Twitch channel. She usually streams games such as Dreamlight Valley and takes advantage of the Just Chatting category.

Many unexpected things can happen during streaming, including: watermelon explosion Or get a group of friends involved in the middle of a gunshotOne streamer was also caught go to town with boyfriend Live broadcast.

Because streamers have no control over what happens while streaming, some have found themselves in sticky situations, including being raided by the police or, in the case of Seum, being evicted.

While she was playing Dreamlight Valley, Seum abruptly cut off the stream because she said she needed to go without explaining why.

Many of her followers noticed she looked distraught and began to worry about her health and ask if she was okay. It was revealed that the family had been evicted from their home.

Despite various tweets, Seum said she felt “embarrassed and lost” and that her family had “nowhere to go” before asking her followers for help.

she posted a link to go fund me The campaign explained that she became the sole provider of her family since her husband lost his job in 2020. But her income from Twitch has been up and down, and she’s “not very fruitful.” This is what many streamers complain about after the company. Reject 70/30 sub Split.

Seum also explained that she is receiving assistance from Rental Assistance to pay off her rent due in 2021, but they have run out of funds, leaving her family “without a choice.”

The streamer received an eviction notice, but none of her family saw, and eventually the sheriff showed up at their doorstep to evict them.

Since then, Seum has been able to get donations of around $40,000 (⁓£36,000) to pay her rent, but the rental office said she couldn’t move even if she paid off her debts. Told.

Meanwhile, she also had to attend TwitchCon as her travel expenses were paid and she had to fulfill a contract to work at the event.

After meeting fans and fellow creators at the event, Seum was overwhelmed with the love and support, thanking everyone who helped her.

“Thank you for enveloping me in love and empathy and for making me feel sad during this scam,” she wrote on Twitter.

Hopefully, Seem and her family manage to move into their new home and get back to normal life.

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https://metro.co.uk/2022/10/11/twitch-streamer-gets-evicted-from-home-while-broadcasting-live-17542952/ Twitch streamer kicked out of house while livestreaming

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