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PS5 March 7.00 update adds cloud streaming for PS5 games

Coming soon to PS5 (Credit: Reuters)

The PS5’s next big update is purported to include long-promised support for Discord and PS5 cloud streaming via PS Plus Premium.

2023 isn’t even half over, but Microsoft has already announced a new series of developer livestreamto help preview upcoming games, but so far Sony has remained silent.

There’s no clue when they’ll hold another State of Play event, but the usually reliable Tom Henderson claims a major PlayStation 5 update is planned for March 8th.

Update 7.00 adds support for the promised instant messaging app Discord in 2021, but you can also stream PlayStation 5 games if you subscribe to PS Plus Premium.

Premium is the most expensive of the three PS Plus tiers, and while most fans are perfectly happy with the other two tiers, especially due to the meager selection of retro titles from the pre-PlayStation 3 era. Premium has been ridiculed.

The point of streaming PlayStation 5 games on the PlayStation 5 console is to save hard drive space, but it’s unclear how well it will emulate the hardware’s custom SSD speeds.

SSDs are typically only used for faster load times, but they are also used for gameplay in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Sony initially hinted that all their games would be PlayStation 5 only, and that being able to design using it would be a key advantage of the format. Keep in mind.

According to Henderson, insider game, the streaming solution, codenamed “Cronus”, has been in testing for several months and is expected to release a beta version of the 7.00 update in the next few days. Apparently beta testers can’t even try the Discord feature.

In the meantime, we see the release of the 6.50 update today, but nothing particularly interesting.The main additions are simply new dual sense edge controller.

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