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Sport Trends And Technologies: What Will The Quarantine Bring To Us?

The sports industry is one that is ever-evolving with each passing day. With the Covid-19 pandemic that held the world hostage for a while, a lot of new sports trends and technologies were brought to fore. In the heat of the moment, all sporting activities were stopped. As a matter of fact, it was only a few months ago that spectators were allowed entrance into games.

Initially, the only people allowed to the pitch were the players and officials that mattered to the game, and all of them had to be tested prior to ensure they had no trace of the virus. Any player or official that has a trace of the virus is disallowed from entering to avoid the spread of the virus.

The changes that have occurred as a result of the pandemic were/are still very much obvious as sports in the ‘quarantine period’ was a different ball game entirely. In this article, you will be looking at some of the new sport technologies that were pushed to the limelight as a result of quarantine.

The Perfect Storm For Esports

At the time where sports generally were suspended, playing online games became on the high rise. Esports become the only reasonable option because it is one sport that allows you to play at your convenience and still observe safety conditions while at it.

In recent times, because of the attention that esports has garnered, it has become a billion-dollar industry and is rapidly progressing to even greater heights. Not only are the players cashing out big-time, but non-players are also making it big by betting on these top players.

Rise of Sportsbooks

At first, it seemed like the sports betting industry would face a bit since sporting activities were slowed down. However, the reverse was the case.

During the quarantine, more sportsbooks sprung up. Seeing as more people have enough time on their hands, they would want to indulge in betting.

Instead of providing just sports options alone, they took the initiative to feature and promote online casinos in sports that players play from the comfort of their homes and win big time. This worked like magic as the bulk of the sportsbooks that were created in this period enjoyed large patronage that yielded huge profits.

Live Stream Anything Anywhere

Live streaming options were available prior to the world being hit by the pandemic, however, more options came to the fore as a result of quarantine. One of the main ways that the quarantine affected sports is that spectators were not allowed in the pitch to curtail the spread of the virus.

In a bid to make sure that sports lovers catch up with the action on the screens, more live streaming options were made available. With these options, sports lovers get to experience the game from the comfort of their homes.

It would also suffice to note that even sportsbooks took the initiative to offer live streaming services, which also helped in drawing attention too. With these sportsbooks even offering live streaming options, you get to enjoy premium viewing of your favourite sport at no cost.

If you’re just learning about these live streaming services provided on several sportsbook platforms, we advise you visit nye norske casino and find yourself a casino with sportsbook features.


A lot of countries were hit with the virus, Norway inclusive. This disrupted the flow of events in sports and triggered a lot of trends as some form of coping mechanism in the wake of the pandemic. These trends have been broadly talked about by the author, Nina Olsendburg, who has proven to be an authority on matters that pertain to sports.

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