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Saints Row’s first major update prioritizes fixes and improvements over new content

Developer Volition details the first major update for the Saints Row reboot, saying that at the moment he wanted to “talk about roadmaps and expansions,” but initially prioritized “improvements over new features.” It says it does.

Saints Row is mediocre reception Quite a few bugs dampened the fun open-world buzz considerably. These are the things Volition hopes to address in his first major post-launch update in November. new blog post“We know there is still work to be done to improve the experience in the game.”

“We support Saints Row long term,” he claimed, adding, “We wanted to talk about roadmaps and expansions, but now we have to focus on telling you how to improve. It’s something that every player can experience from 2022 onwards.”

Saints Row – Story Trailer.

As such, the November update includes over 200 bug fixes and improvements, with a “special focus on challenges, overall stability and cooperation.” Regarding the latter, Volition says:

Elsewhere, the November update aims to make certain activities less repetitive, make challenges more challenging, improve vehicle management, and revamp rumble and haptic features. Volition explains: “These are the wins we feel we can bring to you soon while we work on even bigger and better improvements based on your feedback.”

While new content for Saints Row isn’t an immediate priority for the studio, it said 2023 will be “a very exciting year for owners of Saints Row,” with new story content, free new gameplay experiences, and exploration. Brings more areas of Santo Ireso to you. .

“All this, of course, sets aside bigger quality-of-life updates, more free packs, and more things we’re not ready to talk about yet,” concludes the Volition blog post. Stay tuned for regular updates on our progress and new features for Saints Row.” Saints Row’s first major update prioritizes fixes and improvements over new content

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