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Old Gregg’s captivating quotes that will change your outlook on life

If you’ve ever wondered about the best comedy series that not only changed your perspective but also brought happiness to people’s lives, “The Mighty Boosh” It holds a special place in my heart and in the hearts of my viewers. The Mighty Boosh is a British comedy series that debuted in 2003 and ran until 2007.

Mind you, this is a surreal British comedy with fantasy elements, a few laughs, and even a sprinkle of goth horror. acting) is focused on. These adventures can be zookeepers or running thrift stores. This show will never let you down in terms of surprises and genuine comedy.

Who is Old Gregg?

Mighty Boosh is full of fascinating creatures, one of which is Old Greg, who happens to be a merman (the male version of a mermaid). Howard was the first person he contacted when he fished Old Gregg out of the lake. This is a perfect example of how curiosity killed the cat.

Upon meeting with Howard, Old Gregg becomes very friendly and takes Howard to a cave to show him the manguina (male vagina). Old Greg appreciates Mangina, who emits a dazzling light. “fainted” world.

What’s the main thing that makes Old Gregg special on this show? It’s his wisdom and simplicity. Shortly after meeting Howard, he asks Howard if he loves him because he lacks and craves that intimacy in a relationship.

Wisdom also accompanies all this experience. That is also the case with Old Gregg.

Old Greg Quotes and Sayings That Will Change Your Perception

Here are some of The Old Gregg’s most inspiring quotes and sayings.

best old gregg quotes

I know you’re thinking, “Old man Greg is coming.” He’s a scaly manfish. you don’t know me You don’t know what I got I have something I want to show you. do you know what it is? That’s his v*g*n* for Old Greg. I got Mangina! It’s old man Greg! – old Greg

“It’s on your rod, Mother Licker!” – Old Greg

“Don’t lie, boy” – old Greg

“You and I can paint watercolors together.” – Old Greg

“Do you like Old Greg’s house? It has all the good things.” – Old Greg

“I have this. This is good.” – old Greg

“Thanks. Got some more. I got these too. That’s a little bigger than Bailey’s. And you can get up close to Bailey without getting your eyes wet.” – Old Greg

“Easily, fuzzy little man peach, hmm? Have you ever had a Baileys out of your shoes?” – old Greg

“I’m Old Gregg. Nice to meet you.” – Old Gregg

“Want to go to a club where people pee?” – old Greg

“What are you going with? Everything you need is here. We’ve got Bailey’s cream. And all we need. We’ll bring you another Bailey.” – Old Greg

“Now don’t make me beg, cause I’m not your usual man! Don’t be shy! Do you love me?” – old Greg

“I like you. What do you think of me?” – old Greg

“Maybe I should ask the same question. What are you doing in my waters?” – old Greg

“Greg’s Place. You were asleep. Want a little drink? I’ll give you a drink. Do you like Baileys? Hmmm — creamy. Soft, creamy beige.” – Old Greg

“Who are you?” – Howard Moon

“You love me.” – Old Greg

“Don’t kill me. I have a lot to give.” – Howard Moon

“Why can’t you do it now?” – old Greg

“You did some great things with it.” – Howard Moon

“What do you mean?” – old Greg

“Hmm, that’s quite a portfolio you have going on there. But I really should have left, so that was good.” – Howard Moon

“Well, I’m a busy man, Greg. See, I have work to do. Howard Moon — Town Man. — Howard Moon

“Hmm, I have to pretend I didn’t hear you, Greg.” – Howard Moon

“Well, you get to know someone, hang out, and see where it goes. This, that, the other, eventually—well. I don’t know you!” – Howard Moon

“How does it work? Tell me how it works.” – old Greg

“Just breathe the air. No fishing!” – Howard Moon

“Certainly.” – Old Greg

“Okay, here’s a way around it. Hmm, I’d better scootin. I have a meeting, and my friends are waiting, so maybe I should..” – Howard Moon

“I think you are a nice modern gentleman.” – Howard Moon

“Can you learn to love me?” – old Greg

“What did you think of that? Does that mean you love me?” – old Greg

“Do you think you can love me?” – old Greg

“You love me, you look at me, you know me. Old Greg!” – old Greg

“Love me as much as I love you.” – Old Greg

funny old gregg quotes

“I might deal with it the same way I did with Carly Jefferson” – old Greg

“Then he realized it was a funky ball out of space!” – old Greg

“You’re like bread sticks, no rhythm!” – old Greg

“Let me show you something. I call it Old Gregg. And this is what I call Old Gregg. – old Greg

“It’s about the size of a medicine ball, but it’s covered in thorns.” – Old Greg

“I took home economics and got an A+. I did the crumble.

“Do you know me? Ship time?” – Old Greg

“I’m going to hurt you.” – Old Greg

“That was our first date, wasn’t it? You pulled me with your mighty arms!” – Old Greg

“I paint with watercolors.” – Old Greg

“So why is this hook in my head, idiot?” – old Greg

“Oh, you know me. You saw my mess downstairs. – Old Greg

“Some say Old Greg is like a big fish finger. But it’s big like a garage. Imagine a fish finger the size of a garage!” – Old Greg

“Do you love me? Are you playing your love game with me? I need your love so much I just want to know what to do. Oh come on now.” – Old Greg

“Please rate it.” – old Greg Old Gregg’s captivating quotes that will change your outlook on life

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