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Happy World War Orphans Day (2023) Themes, Wishes, Quotes, History, Main Highlights to share

Happy World Day of War Orphans (2023) Wishes, Quotes, History, Key highlights to share: The great irony in someone’s life is that he lost a parent to war or other military massacres.There are millions of children who have lost their parents to war or military assassinations. World War Orphans Day is celebrated each year to raise awareness for innocent orphaned children and protect their rights. March 6th Globally.The motivation for celebrating this important day is to solve the difficult problem of the millions of orphans who wander the streets without food or basic amenities. French organization SOS Enfants en Detresses Take steps to emphasize the call of innocent children.According to UNICEF data, total 150 million children who are struggling with this difficult problem. So today, in this article, World War Orphans Day 2023 Wikipedia, biography, history, significance, quotes, wishes, greetings, wallpapers, Main highlights, themes, images, status You can share it with your friends and make friends with them.

Highlights of World War Orphans Day 2023

event name world war orphans day
type consciousness, cause
Observation date January 6
observation UNICEF, global
significance Protect the rights of orphans and provide basic amenities of the right to life
1st observation French organization SOS Enfants en Detresses
founder of the day French organization SOS Enfants en Detresses
total number of orphans 150 million
World’s first orphanage roman empire
frequency a year

World War Orphans Day 2023 theme

World War Day themes they relate to Basic amenity rights for street children to provide education for a secure golden future for societyThis theme also makes people aware of their right to liberty, their right to live in security.

world war orphans day wishes, quotes, greetings

  • The irony of the world is that they are innocent and because of their silence and peace they have suffered in their lives.Happy World War Orphans Day 2023 forever.
  • They lost their parents and no one is responsible for saving them. Let’s unite to protect their rights and play a part in making them part of society.
  • Today could be a great day. You can change an innocent child’s life, provide a basic education, basic health, and provide the right guides to get them going in the right direction.
  • No matter how big your effort may be, it may be a small one, but it can be a blessing to a child who is struggling in life with their parents’ race.
  • We are the only ones responsible for giving them a golden future. They are human children too. Happy World War Orphans Day 2023.


When is World War Orphans Day celebrated?

What is the total number of orphans in the world?

According to UNICEF data, a total of 150 million children around the world suffer from basic amenities and poor health.

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