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Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Preview – Console crashes in Dogtown

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty – all new, all different (Photo: CD Projekt)

GameCentral is working on a paid DLC expansion for Cyberpunk 2077 to solve the original’s legacy of bugs.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of this time is summer game festival CD Projekt announced they would be attending, but nothing was actually shown during the two-hour live broadcast that followed. You might think they were intentionally keeping a low profile by hiding their booth in the back of the hall at Play Days, but they’re back with one of his most anticipated releases of the year, Cyberpunk 2077. This is strange, because I was there to promote The Phantom Liberty.

Only DLC expansion Cyberpunk 2077 Appeared at Xbox Game Showcase (includes) Pre-recorded message from Keanu Reeves And while we got our first public glimpse into Idris Elba’s new role, he unfortunately has an American accent.

Cyberpunk 2077 was infamous for its disastrous launch, but in recent years it has rekindled its reputation. Not just by a flurry of patches and updates, but by a very popular game. Netflix Edgerunner series. It’s taken time, but the franchise is getting exactly where CD Projekt originally wanted it, and demand for the Phantom Liberty is unaffected by the launch of its parent game.

Idris Elba plays Solomon Reed, an FIA agent who works for NUSA. Phantom Liberty’s focus is intrigue and covert action, with CD Projekt branding the expansion as a spy thriller. The expansion will add new neighborhoods such as Dogtown within the Pacifica area of ​​the city where the demonstration took place. Here you can meet other new characters, including the powerful Netrunner Songbird, the right-hand man of President Myers of Steel, and the former CEO of Militech.

“These new character roles we’re introducing are from a different angle on their relationship to V. And this gives us a new dynamic because these are big guys like the president. …we’re talking about mysterious netrunners, we’re talking conspiracies, these are the big players, and Johnny, of course, agrees with your thoughts.Look, who can you trust? And who do we believe or not? And this is espionage, this is cyberpunk,” said game director Gabe. Amatangelo said.

“So it allows for new kinds of narrative angles, but the characters are all human. You know, they’re complicated, but they’re not simple. This is part of the journey, please understand.”


We are thrown straight into action as protagonist V, witnessing a missile attack on Space Force One piloted by President Myers after our first encounter with Songbird atop a decaying stadium above Night City. We’ll then travel through the gritty new realm of Dogtown to the crash site, where we’ll have to fight Colonel Hansen’s men to find clues as to how this takedown happened. did not. All of these are clearly inspired by Escape From New York.

If you choose to play as a Nomad, you can always rely on the Gorilla Arm perk if the shootout gets too intense, and you can even slip past the mercenaries to reach Space Force One. This short demo of his quest was frenziedly paced, so we didn’t get much of a chance to see Dogtown or talk to Solomon his lead.

“There’s the excitement of going on new adventures and the twist of the genre. There are new characters, I’ve only mentioned a few here, but they’re the main characters, and the cast is complete. , I love making characters who have to make decisions in interesting developments that are as complex as they are thought-provoking.This allows me to create different types of characters and explore more kinds of narrative themes. And that’s a big part of our mission,” says Amatangelo.

Developer CD Projekt Red has been aware of the issues that plagued the first release and has worked to resolve technical shortcomings and bugs. The Phantom Liberty includes comprehensive updates and optimizations, but it didn’t stop him from crashing his PlayStation 5 build during a particularly intense shootout at the Dogtown checkpoint. This isn’t particularly unusual for an unfinished game (although certainly not common), but given Cyberpunk 2077’s history, it’s more alarming than it sounds.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty – The question isn’t if it’s good, it’s if it works (Photo: CD Projekt)

“We can talk about different features and improvements here and there. But it all adds up and makes the world feel more and more alive. Krauser is sort of a military tyrant and dictator of this new district.One of his power struggles is weapons.There are arms trades, there are caravans, there are drops from the sky, these trades And they’re dynamic, they’re not like pre-arranged spots, you can intervene or you can’t, ”explains Amatangelo.

“Gangs are fighting each other, and if they drive by, they might get into a shootout. You are free to go or not, you can also join the dominant militia and have escalating dynamic encounters, so our main technical goal is to make it more realistic and lively. to create a world where

Phantom Liberty will give players access to a vast arsenal of new weapons, cyberware, and vehicles. From cutting-edge technology to brutal melee combat tools, this expansion ensures even more options for approaching encounters in unique ways. Whether you prefer stealth infiltration or intense firefights, the Phantom Liberty includes an expanded set of tools to suit your playstyle, including the new Relic skill tree.

“There are so many little things we can discuss about the details of different things. You’re a cyberpunk. You can run through people, knock them down, pick them up and throw them like a terminator. You can literally pick up corpses and You can throw at other people, but maybe you want to be super agile and fast? You can deflect bullets with a weapon,” says Amatangelo.

“We’ve also changed how cyberware works in many ways, so we have all the different things that allow us to be like, ‘Okay, what fantasy do I want to fulfill? We have published many new ways to make it happen. And even new gameplay that supposedly puts players together in ways we don’t yet know. It’s like a fantasy garden.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty was great, and the demo helped give us a peek at what Dogtown has to offer. This will be the last major addition to the game, but now that it’s managed to shake off its controversial reputation, there will undoubtedly be sequels and other spin-offs to follow, with the Phantom Liberty pointing the way for the series as a whole. will be

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty will release for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC, but not Xbox One or PlayStation 4.


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