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Pablo Picasso’s Amazing Life Story and Quotes

If you like art, “Picasso” will speak well, modern art is the result of Picasso’s work, and Picasso stands by as one of the legendary figures who created modern art. Pablo Picasso is a Spanish actor born on October 25, 1881. Picasso was not just a painter of his time, he was a painter par excellence, and his expertise did not stop there. He was a sculptor, printmaker, stage designer and ceramist whose remarkable skill and talent made him an outstanding figure in all these fields.

One of Pablo’s amazing feats was portraying realism and the culture around it through art, and that’s what he did. Picasso created Cubism with another legendary painter, Georges Braque. Cubism was a very unique and revolutionary art representing realism. Cubism was inspired by tribal art and his early 20th-century situation, and Pablo wanted to immortalize the landscape in his mind, and he did just that.

Pablo was a great artist, very famous among women, and sometimes his relationships were portrayed through various art mediums. Picasso’s immersion in art went beyond Cubism and wanted to create something more inspiring, and collage was born. Collage was a different kind of art in which Picasso used several figurative terms to integrate several symbols and give them viable meanings.

Pablo Picasso Quotes About Art and Life

1. The purpose of art is to wash the dust of everyday life from our soul.

2. Youth has no age.

3. Drawing is just another way to keep a journal.

4. All children are artists. The question is how will he continue to be an artist when he grows up?

5. Some painters turn the sun into yellow dots, others turn yellow dots into the sun.

6. The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from everywhere: from the sky, from the earth, from scraps of paper, from passing shapes, from spider webs.

7. My mother said to me, “If you are a soldier, you can be a general.” A monk can become a pope.” Instead, I became a painter and a Picasso.

8. Action is the foundational key to all success.

9. It takes a long time to get younger.

10. Everything you can imagine is real.

11. Art is a lie that allows us to perceive the truth.

12. Art washes the dust of everyday life from the soul.

13. Some people saw something and asked why. I saw what I could do and asked why I couldn’t.

14. Oh, it tastes good! How terrifying! Taste is the enemy of creativity.

15. Only put off until tomorrow the things you are willing to die unfinished.

16. There are painters who turn the sun into yellow spots, but there are also painters who, with the help of art and intellect, turn yellow spots into the sun.

17. The chief enemy of creativity is common sense.

18. Learn the rules like a pro and break the rules like an artist.

19. It takes a long time to get young.

20. Bad artists copy. Good artists steal.

21. I will not ask. I understand

22. An idea is a starting point, nothing more. As soon as you elaborate it, it is transformed by thought.

23. Art is not the application of the canons of beauty, but what the instinct and the brain conceive beyond any canon. When we love a woman, we don’t start measuring her limbs.

24. Color, like function, follows emotional changes.

25. Everything is a miracle. It’s a miracle that it doesn’t melt like a lump of sugar in the bath.

26. Those who think they can can, and those who think they can’t, can’t. This is a ruthless and incontrovertible law.

27. I don’t believe in accidents. We can only meet in history. No accidents.

28. Painting is a blind man’s profession. He paints not what he sees, but what he feels, what he sees tells him.

29. What matters is what you do, not what you were going to do.

30. I always do what I can’t do to learn how.

31. I draw objects as I see them, not as I see them.

32. Why don’t you take out your brain and just use your eyes?

33. It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but it took me a lifetime to paint like a child.

34. Love is the greatest refreshment in life.

35. Today’s world makes no sense, so why should we paint meaningful pictures?

36. There are only two kinds of women – goddesses and doormats.

37. There is no such thing as abstract art. Always have to start with something. All traces of reality can then be removed.

38. It is necessary to imitate others, but it is a shame to imitate yourself.

39. Accident, try to change it – it’s impossible. The man was identified by an accident.

40. One must act as directly in painting as in life.

41. It takes a very long time to get younger.

42. Entertaining myself with all these games, all the nonsense, all the picture puzzles has made me famous…I am just a mass entertainer who understands his time.

43. There are artists who turn the sun into yellow spots, but there are also artists who, through art and intelligence, turn yellow spots into the sun.

44. This idea of ​​art for art’s sake is bullshit.

45. No one knows what to do. Once you start painting, it becomes something else entirely. It is remarkable how little the artist’s “will” intervenes.

46. ​​The picture lives by its legend, not by any other.

47. Most people in the art business are scammers.

48. The picture is not preconceived. While it is being done, it changes as thoughts change.

49. “People want to find meaning in everything and everyone. It’s the disease of our time…”

50. “We artists are immortal. Even if I’m in a prison or a concentration camp, or have to paint with a wet tongue on the dusty floor of a cell, in my art world Almighty.”

51. “Art is the elimination of the unnecessary.”

52. “You start with an idea, but then it becomes something else.”

53. “No serious work is possible without great loneliness.”

54. “Sometimes people paint a picture that opens a door and provides a stepping stone to something else.”

55. “There is only one way to see things until someone teaches you how to see things with different eyes.”

56. “Go and do what you can’t do, and you’ll be able to do it.”

57. “Inspiration exists, but we need to work on it.”

58. “We don’t grow old, we grow old.”

59. “Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction.”

60. “The ultimate temptation is your life’s work.”

61. “The meaning of life is to find your talent, and the purpose of life is to give it away.”

The life of Pablo Picasso

Picasso was trained by his father, who was an art teacher and painter himself. At the age of 16, Pablo had already lost interest in traditional art techniques and he wanted to introduce something new. His quest began when he enrolled at Madrid’s San Fernando Academy. That’s when he realized he didn’t like the traditional way of doing things.

He began experimenting with different styles of art. Most of his life was spent in Paris. Paris was a must-visit city for any artist in the early 20th century. During his stay in Paris, he became friends with Guillaume Apollinaire, Georges Braque and Max Jacob. They were all influential artists and writers of their time and quickly became close friends.

Over time, Picasso’s style continued to evolve. He explored various fields such as still life, portraiture, mythological scenes and landscapes. His work was bold and always liked to use innovative perspectives.

Picasso excelled in other forms of art as well. He also made sculptures and collages, and was also interested in theatrical works. He was a versatile artist and his personal life was also very versatile. He had multiple relationships and was married quite a few times.

His most prominent political work was ‘Guernica’. He created this work in response to the horrific bombing of the town of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War. To this day, his work symbolizes the horrors of war.

Picasso died in Mougins, France on April 8, 1973. He left a legacy of art that is still admired today.

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