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PS5 Slim is 2 inches shorter than original and looks ‘weird’

This is just a fan render, not the real thing (Picture: LetsGoDigital/Concept Creator)

A new leak about the purported PS5 Slim claims that it’s only a little smaller than the original model but that it has undergone a redesign.

Not only do we know almost nothing about PlayStation’s future software plans, but we know very little about what they’ve got scheduled for hardware either – beyond the peculiar Project Q handheld.

There have been repeated rumours of a new PlayStation 5 model this year, but disagreement on whether it’s a PS5 Slim or a less significant revision – one that’s said to include a detachable disc drive but not much else.

Oddly, the best source for the PS5 Slim rumours has been Microsoft, during their recent Activision Blizzard court case, but now a description of the new model has emerged, by someone that doesn’t seem very impressed by it.

Reverse engineer expert BwE claims to have seen the PS5 Slim and to have a video of it, although they’ve not yet posted it online.

Instead, they’ve offered a slightly vague text description of it. It’s a shame they didn’t just sketch what they saw but according to them it’s ‘about 5cm or so shorter, not much thinner.’

They then describe it as having a ‘weird curve in the middle with smaller vents. The Blu-Ray drive is less curved, so it looks weird. Has two ugly black slits on each side of the case. Dual USB-C on the front.’

They also claim that it has the four PlayStation controller symbols embossed on the back of the console, which is variously described as ‘boring’ and ‘a little bit s***.’

You may wonder what anyone was expecting from a simple remodel but given the original console is widely considered to be ugly – and much too big – that makes the idea of a slimline model more desirable than usual.

Although BwE has leaked things before it’s the other rumour, about the detachable disc drive, which seems the most reliable, since the same source correctly predicted the Project Q.

However, it is possible they’re both (badly) describing the same thing, with the ‘slits’ and USB-C slots possibly being attachment points for a disc drive.

The one point everyone seems to agree on though is that it will be out this year, so if that’s true it shouldn’t be long until Sony makes an official announcement.

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