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5 yoga poses to detox your liver

The liver is the only regenerative organ in the human body. The main function of the liver is detoxification. Other organs such as the intestines, kidneys, and lungs work with the liver to ensure that toxins are converted into less harmful substances and excreted from the body via urine, stool, sweat, or breathing. Regular cleaning of these organs is essential for their smooth functioning. So how do you detox your liver? It’s easy! You can detox your liver by correcting your lifestyle! That’s where yoga comes in.

There are several asanas that stimulate the digestive system and massage internal organs such as the liver. They make the abdominal muscles stronger and more elastic. It is also effective for the proper removal of waste. It’s always good to add a twist to your yoga practice. The twist detoxifies and hydrates the spine while releasing tension from bad posture. With proper alignment, twist variations also reduce back pain and improve digestion. Incorporate variations of these twists into your yoga routine to stimulate your liver and help it work with other digestive organs and muscles.

1. Paschimottanasanadetoxify the liver

  • Sit with your legs straight out in front of you on the floor.
  • Keep your spine upright and your toes bent toward you.
  • Raise your arms straight above your head and slowly extend them.
  • Exhale slowly, bend forward from your hips, move your chin toward your toes, and straighten your spine.
  • Place your hands on your feet wherever you can reach them without exerting too much force.

2. Ardha Chakrasana
Ardha Chakrasana can be done in many variations. Both bending asanas have different benefits.

  • Begin by inhaling and raising your hands into Tadasana.
  • Then place your hands behind your hips.
  • As you inhale, slowly bend your upper body back

3. Bhujangasana

  • Lie on the mat in a prone position. Please put your feet together.
  • Then place your hands on the floor at chest height,
  • Next, raise your upper body and deepen and lengthen the stretch, creating a graceful arc in your back.

Four. Shashankasana
Shashankasana is one of the poses that is very easy to perform. There are several variations of Shashankasana. can be done as per their comfort.

  • Sit comfortably in vajrasana and place your palms on your thighs.
  • As you inhale, raise your hands straight up and stretch them out.
  • Bend forward while exhaling.
  • Place your nose or chin on the ground.
  • Extend your arms and keep your palms on the ground.

Five. Anurom Willom
This is not an asana
pranayama training. I am including this because of the benefits this breathing technique brings to our bodies both inside and outside. Therefore it is imperative that we breathe correctly and lom vilom serves a purpose. Also, it’s my favourite!

  • Close your right nostril with your right thumb. Breathe in slowly through his left nostril.
  • Move your thumb away from your right nostril as you move your thumb away from your right nostril. Just exhale.
  • As you exhale, close your left nostril with your middle finger, then inhale through your right nostril and exhale by releasing your thumb from your right nostril. Repeat this process.

There are many other poses with different benefits. These are some that are easy and can be done at home. It is recommended that you practice according to your physical ability and do not overdo it or overdo it.conduct consult a doctor before starting yoga practice.

We hope these yoga poses help you detox your liver! Leave your thoughts in the comments below.Click here to learn more about yoga sane reading Or join the experts in a live interactive session on GOQii PRO. GOQii App.


https://goqii.com/blog/5-yoga-poses-to-detoxify-your-liver/ 5 yoga poses to detox your liver

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