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Super Mario Bros. Wonder – Release Date, Elephant Mario and Everything We Know

After about seven years of activity, it may be the twilight of the Switch, but if Super Mario Bros. Wonder is an indicator of what to expect before Nintendo’s next-gen announcement, this console is a big deal. It looks like it will be a success. A colorful return to the series’ 2D glory days. This is his first 2D Mario game in over a decade, as the last few years have been ports, remakes, and his great launch titles for Switch done in 3D. world.

announced during the period June 2023 Nintendo Direct, Super Mario Bros. Wonder joins many other highly anticipated games coming to Switch in the coming months. As you can imagine, this new Super Mario Bros. entry is colorful, features tons of power-ups, and is out soon. From its release date to the pachyderm power-ups that took the internet by storm, here’s everything we know about Super Mario Bros. Wonder so far.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder release date and platform

super mario bros wonder Coming October 20th for Nintendo Switch. Pre-order is already available Applies to both physical and digital versions of the game. October is already a busy month on the gaming calendar, with Super Mario Bros. Wonder so far facing competition from Alan Wake 2, Marvel Spider-Man 2, and Just Dance 2024.


Mechanically, Super Mario Bros. Wonder looks like a Mario game that doesn’t stray too far from its well-established 2D gameplay, but there’s a new creative layer here that stems from the game’s significant new features. is in Wonderflowers are new collectibles that can be picked up during Mario’s journey, and these flowers can rewrite the reality of the Mushroom Kingdom around you. Warp his pipes back to life, Mario gains Noodle’s body, and characters transform in strange ways, adding a new level of chaos to each run in the level.

Graphically, the game seems to push the limits of Switch, as this colorful adventure has some of the most detailed environments and character designs in a Mario game to date. Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s core is still about running perfectly through levels, but with a more unpredictable design thanks to the Wonderflower, it’s the most amazing Mario in recent memory. Could be one of his in the game.

In addition, you can transform Mario into an elephant. I don’t know what other new abilities this power-up offers, but I know the internet can’t handle this idea. elephant mario Don’t get hot under your fan art collar.

playable character

Mario and Luigi headline the new game once again, and as seen in the reveal trailer, Toad, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, and Yoshi will all be playable as the gang unites to battle Bowser once again.


As seen in the reveal trailer, Super Mario Bros. Wonder will apparently allow up to four players to team up and explore the Mushroom Kingdom using any of their characters’ combos. If you want to use Mario’s quartet or Daisy’s tag team in your session, the game allows those team combinations. We don’t yet know if this game has couch co-op, but Nintendo’s first-party Mario games usually allow at least two of his players to cooperate in a local session.

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