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How Buying Twitch Followers Leads to Quick Channel Growth

The Twitch platform has witnessed exponential and explosive growth since it was launched in 2013. There was negligible development in the first year of its operationthough but once it was acquired by e-commerce behemoth Amazon in 2014, there was no looking back. 

This post will explain in detail the intricacies and the rise of the Twitch platform, why buying Twitch followers is the most optimized growth strategy for any channel, and finally, a few tips on how you should go about buying Twitch followers.

The Twitch Platform

Twitch is a US-based live video games platform that is also into streaming music, curated content, and broadcasting of e-sports events. From humble beginnings in 2013, its acquisition by Amazon saw Twitch taking a quantum leap in viewership and subscribers. By 2015, Twitch was averaging about 100 million views per month and in 2017 crossed then leaders YouTube as a video streaming service. Twitch today accounts for over 43% of the global video streaming market.

Twitch hit a new high in 2020, boasting a staggering 1.4million average concurrent users, 3 million monthly broadcasts, and 15 million daily active users. The platform surpassed itself again in 2021 going to 2.79 million concurrent viewers, 8.54 million monthly broadcasts, and 104,000 average concurrent channels.

If you are an avid gamer and have good expertise in playing complex video games, these figures prove that there cannot be a better medium than Twitch to monetize your passion. However, this can be done if you grow your channel by buying Twitch followers. The more your followers the higher will be your earnings. 

A case in point is Ninja, a streamer on Twitch who had over a million followers and was regularly earning in seven figures. You too can earn lucrative amounts that you could only dream of before provided you focus on your Twitch channel growth by buying Twitch followers.

How Buying Twitch Followers Increases Earnings

On the Twitch platform, streamers like you exhibit their gaming skills while followers and viewers watch you do so. So, how does having a lot of followers increase your rewards?

First, the Twitch algorithm is so designed that a large number of followers improves your channel rank on the platform. It is an indication that you have the necessary gaming skillsets and provide value to your existing followers, hence you get more viewers. This positive perception that people have about your channel draws in more followers. After you have achieved good numbers, you are eligible to be a member of the Twitch Affiliate and Twitch Partner programs where the earnings increase manifold. 

Next, once you achieve a high-growth curve for your channel by buying Twitch followers, you get noticed by leading brands and companies that are always looking for optimized platforms to promote their products and services. Since Twitch is a web-based gaming medium and followers of your channel can be from any part of the globe, it is an excellent opportunity for brands to take advantage of the wide reach and scope of the audience. 

It is a winning situation for both you and the brands. They get access to a worldwide following through your channel with a minimum of marketing efforts while you get paid lucrative amounts for the privilege provided to them. There cannot be a better quid pro quo between you and the sponsoring companies.

After buying Twitch followers and building up a bank of dedicated viewers, you get substantial returns by selling personalized merchandise through your channel. The process is not complicated. Open a virtual store with stocks of popular and fast-selling items such as coffeemugs, T-shirts, pens, laptop covers, and more. Design an attractive logo and a message that represents the substance of your skillsets and have the items imprinted with them. Now, promote the store on your channel and see the followers emptying the shelves for souvenirs. 

Tips for Buying Twitch Followers

Now that you know how much buying Twitch followers helps in Twitch channel growth and leads to substantial earnings, here are a few tips that will optimize your strategy in this regard. 

Twitch followers are bought from websites that specialize in this field. The problem is that not all of them provide genuine and authentic followers. When you buy from fraudulent sites, you will see a surge in the number of followers but that will fade away equally fast. You will also find that there is hardly any engagement or interaction with these followers.

To get around this problem, before you go on a buying spree, research the Internet thoroughly and select sites that have been providing real followers to their customers and have positive client testimonials.

Here are a few tips to assist you in choosing the right sites for buying Twitch followers.

Do not buy followers from sites that promise you large numbers of followers in bulk very quickly. These sites use automation and bots to get followers, a practice that is against Twitch policies. If you are found to be resorting to this method for getting followers your privileges on the platform might get suspended and even banned. 

Do not buy followers from sites that offer them at very cheap prices. In most cases, these followers are found to be fake ones.

Do buy followers from providers where you can customize your requirements. You should be able to buy 1000 followers at a time or even 100,000 if your budget permits. 

Finally, buying Twitch followers from sites that provide customer support 24×7 is safe as they genuinely care for their customers’ needs.

Keep these factors in mind when buying Twitch followers

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