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A beginner’s guide to looting in PUBG

Inventory management isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of PUBG. Still, any seasoned veteran will tell you that knowing when to pick up what items is an important skill for any PUBG player.

don’t you believe us? This is a situation experienced by all PUBG players. A shiny new scope shines charmingly from across the room. BackpackIt’s full. Trying to make a place for that all-important gear (“Chicken dinner, here we come!”) puts a bullet in your spine and you end up eating dirt.

Game over. Be prepared to set your team on fire for the rest of the round.

This beginner’s guide to looting in PUBG is full of tips on how to loot effectively and efficiently. We’ll cover the most important things, like which buildings have the best loot, which items to prioritize, and whether it’s worth spending your time chasing airdrops (spoiler: it’s not) . Soon you’ll be looting the best of them, sifting through items, grabbing the good stuff, and dumping trash as fast as lightning.

But let’s not go too far. Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, we recommend starting at the beginning. Welcome to basic looting training, Recruit.

How to loot in PUBG

“Looting” in PUBG simply means “putting things in your inventory.”All players start with the basics Backpack To store what they grabbed, such as ammunition, guns, and weapon attachments. These items can be found on the floor, in chests, or from corpses.

There are two ways to loot in PUBG. Key looting and drag-and-drop looting. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

Looting with interact keys and drag and drop

Looting the Interact Key (“F-key looting” for PC players) is done by aiming at the item you want to pick up and pressing the Interact key. Your selected item will be immediately in stock as long as there is room in your bag.

We want to use this type of loot for things we always need, like ammo and med kits. Also, if you already know you’re going to use the item (i.e. you don’t currently have scopes and want to get them), looting with the interact key is fine.

The downside of looting interaction keys is that it’s easy to accidentally pick up the wrong item and quickly fill up your inventory. A lot of small items can make it difficult to pick up exactly what you want. In these cases, it’s almost always better to use drag-and-drop looting.

Looting by drag and drop Loot by opening your bag and dragging and dropping the items you want into your inventory. When you access your bag, the game will display nearby items that can be picked up. Simply drag and drop these items into your bag to get them.

Drag-and-drop loot allows for more precise and detailed loot selection. Scopes and grips all look the same from a distance. With drag-and-drop loot, you can see what level your scope is and decide if it’s worth keeping.

Of course, as in the first example, Backpack Being open makes you vulnerable to enemy attacks. The inventory menu takes up the entire screen and cannot be turned or moved. If an enemy walks in while you’re checking your bag, you’ll have to close it before you can react. That’s why it’s so important to practice identifying and dragging items as early as possible.

Good players can drag and drop loot almost as fast as interact key loot. In just a second or two, you can open your inventory, identify the item you need, and drag it into your bag.

What type of loot should I use? It depends. In the middle of a firefight, use the Interact key to retrieve ammo and medical kits as quickly and efficiently as possible. But if the tempo is a little slower and it’s relatively safe, you can take your time and drag and drop exactly what you want into your bag.

Tips for effectively looting in PUBG

Now that you know the different ways to loot in PUBG, let’s take a look at some tips that will help you loot more effectively.

Prioritize large, open buildings

Think of a warehouse or factory. These buildings usually contain a large amount of decent quality loot. If he can get to one before anyone else, he can find a gun, lots of ammo, good armor, and a helm that will set him up for the rest of the round.

You’re new to PUBG and you don’t know where to land at the start of a round. You cannot accidentally land near these structures. These locations are usually highly contested, so be prepared for a shootout.

equip a throwing weapon

You can save space by equipping throwable items. When equipped, projectiles such as grenades and molotovs do not take up inventory space. The savings are minimal, but this is a useful tip if you’re early in the round and still have the basics. Backpack And limited bag space.

Choose weapons with the same ammo type

It takes a lot of ammo to complete a round of PUBG, and ammo takes up inventory space. If he uses two weapons with different types of ammunition, the space will be doubled for him. You can save slots by choosing primary and secondary weapons that use the same ammo type.

One popular loadout that follows this principle is the Mini14 combined with the M416. You get two weapons with decent range and stopping power while saving inventory space.

Leave the airdrops to us!

We know how tempting they are, but unless you’re playing with a team of PUBG pros, leave these colorful boxes alone. Loot is included, but the risk isn’t worth the reward.

Simply put, everyone else can see them. You’re probably not the only one looking at airdrops. Some try to rush to the drop location to grab and dash. Others camp out on the spot, waiting with guns for greedy marauders to try their luck.

There is a lot of loot that can be found elsewhere. Don’t miss your chance to win. So play safe.

Your journey to becoming a master router begins now…

We hope you found this beginner’s guide to looting in PUBG helpful. We’ve only scratched the surface of looting in PUBG. There are all sorts of nuances specific to each platform, such as drag-and-drop loot queues on PC, but those are outside the scope of this general guide. Master these basics and you too can become a true master of looting.

What other looting tips do you think new players should know? Share them in the comments below to help newbies. Plus, if you want a cool weapon or skin Get PUBG Mobile UC from OffGamers. here today! A beginner’s guide to looting in PUBG

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