Which Online Table Game Has the Highest Winning Odds?

With the pandemic going on for almost two years now, the popularity of online table games has skyrocketed like never before. People unable to go out for leisure activities have chosen the comfort of their houses to indulge in a variety of online table games. 

At the same time, these pay by mobile casino games are a great place to win easy cash if played tactfully and with little research. In this article, we’ll look at some of the online table games that have the highest winning odds. 


This is a gambler’s favourite due to the plethora of bet choices, different variations and easy to comprehend rules. It hardly takes a few minutes to learn the rules of this game. 

The best thing about it is that it gives the player the liberty to exit as and when they wish or play as long as they can. 

In this game, one has to place wagers on an individual number or predefined group of numbers, and players can place inside or outside bets, and the payout is different for different bets. 

Things to Remember while Playing Roulette: 

  •       Outside bets offer better winning odds compared to inner bets, so one should choose accordingly and wisely.
  •       Gamers can bet until no more bets are announced by the dealer. 


It is one of the most popular and easy to win games. Just like Roulette, this game, too, is a matter of luck and chance and doesn’t require high skills or a lot of knowledge. The player may dive into the game just after going through the basic rules and regulations. 

To start the game, one has to place a bet on whether the banker, player, or both will have a hand value of nine or closer to 9.

 Things to Remember while Playing Baccarat: 

  •       If a player gets the hand value closer to nine, they are declared as the winner of the game.
  •       In Baccarat, the lowest house edge is offered compared to other such online casino games. So, this game is very popular among high rollers and wise gamblers who have a 44.6% winning probability  


This game, also popularly known as ‘21’, is popular among players and gamblers for its interesting rules and strategies and also because it is available across all gambling platforms. Generally, the payouts of this game are 3:2 or 6:5, but a 3:2 payout is suggested.

Things to Remember while Playing Blackjack:

  1. The objective of the game is to get a hand value of 21 or closer to 21 than a dealer. In no way should the value go over 21 because then the player will lose.
  2. Blackjack gives lower prizes compared to other online slots. However, there is an option of playing side bets that have a higher risk but comparatively more rewards. 

Final Thoughts

We went through a quick overview of games to be played if one wants to have the highest winning odds. Of course, there is a range of other games available online that one can explore and win, but these games are statistically proven to yield lucrative rewards.

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