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The director of the next Batman movie has been decided

Is the world of cinema ready for what’s next Batman?

Robert Pattinson is already playing Batman. Batman, with a sequel planned for a few years later.Also starring Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton flash, has just been released in theaters.And a new Batman is about to be born and A movie titled The New Robin brave and daringwhich will be part of the new feature direct current Movie universe directed by James Gunn and Peter Safran.

The film is said to be based on a recent Batman comic book about Bruce Wayne and his son, Damien, who will be the fifth person to take over as Wonder Boy Robin. (Damien is a little different from the other four because he was raised to be a fearsome ninja from birth and is also the grandson of Ra’s al Ghul.) The film is still in early development. Yes, there is no script or screenwriter. . However, it is being directed, and by a director with significant experience with Batman these days.

according to variety, flash directed by Andy Muschietti will take the helm brave and daring. Here’s what Gunn and Saffron had to say about the news:

we saw the flash Even before I took the reins of DC Studios, I knew we were in the hands of not just a visionary director, but a massive DC fan base. This is a wonderful, funny, emotional, and thrilling film that resonates through every frame with Andy’s affinity and passion for these characters and this world. So when it came to looking for a director for The Brave and the Bold, there was only one option. Luckily, Andy said yes. Barbara signed a contract to produce with us and was on her way.

Warner Bros.

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prior to flashMuschietti directed both parts in Stephen King’s recent big-screen adaptation. that. He also directed a horror movie. mom 2013. flash Not only does it give him DC credibility, but it gives him a lot of practice directing Batman. Here it seems to work for him.

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