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New Year, New Streams of Income: 8 Ways to Earn Passive Income in 2022

With the new year underway, chances are you’re looking for ways to improve your life and progress beyond the previous year, tossing aside bad habits and past mistakes. One way to take 2022 by storm early on is investing in passive income projects, allowing you to cash in on low-effort, hands-off endeavors. Once you’ve established a steady flow of passive income, you can set the project aside, allowing it to rack up with minimal maintenance. 

However, passive income opportunities are not one-size-fits-all—each market requires unique expertise to successfully bring in revenue and secure a consistent, near-effortless flow. If you’re interested in learning more about passive income opportunities, read on for eight ways to increase cash flow without significant ongoing effort. 

Consider short-term home rentals

Whether you’re planning on vacationing for the summer or simply want to take a short hiatus from your home, it may be worth it to consider renting your property while you’re out and about. Though leasing your space may feel like a greater risk with unpredictable variables, you can rake in a considerable passive income, vetting possible tenets to dodge damaged or stolen property. Plus, with easy-to-use sites like Airbnb, you can list your home quickly and manage renters without a second thought, all the while bringing in extra cash each month.

Purchase rental properties

If you’re uncomfortable renting your personal space, consider investing in rental properties and cash out more consistent revenue with minimal day-to-day distractions. However, before you delve into rental ownership, make sure you understand the risks involved to bypass costly miscalculations. For example, outlining a precise ROI expectancy, calculating total expenses, and predicting market fluctuations are critical aspects of investing and maintaining rental properties for passive income. That said, apply caution and create an air-tight contingency plan to maximize your profits and mitigate risk.  

Invest in farmland

Though investing in farmland may not be an obvious choice for earning passive income, it’s one of the most lucrative ways to generate long-term revenue. Agricultural markets have remained stable for decades and continuously outperform other more volatile markets, making them a safe, lucrative investment. Plus, purchasing farmland can help you diversify your portfolio and spread out your assets, reducing risk during turbulent periods. If you’re interested in farmland investment ventures, consider partnering with experts like FarmFolio (https://farmfolio.net/) to cover all your bases. 

Write an ebook

An excellent example of up-front effort turning to passive income, in the long run, is authoring ebooks and distributing them worldwide through sites like Amazon. Though the thought of publishing an entire book may sound daunting, high-selling ebooks are usually only around 30-50 pages and feature limitless topics. Although you’ll need enough know-how to write thoroughly about a specific topic, consumers will flock to your product once you find your niche. Just make sure you scope out different markets to ensure a base and demand your valuable insight.

Harness the power of vending machine operation

Though unconventional, owning and operating vending machines at local businesses can be an easy, low-effort way to make long-term passive income. As long as you can fork out the initial fee for a few machines and products, maintenance is typically a breeze. Simply restock your facilities regularly—or allocate a portion of your funds to hire restocking help—and watch as cash rolls in week-to-week. 

Utilize your creative talents

If you’re looking for ways to monetize your creative ventures, consider licensing your art—whether it be photography, NFT’s, or music—to stock or music sites. That way, you can sit back and relax while content creators and companies use your product for a small fee, sending passive cash your way. 


Though passive income ventures will require varying maintenance levels, up-front costs, and expertise, there are solid options for anyone willing to put in the initial effort. This year, take inventory of your unique skills and put them to good use, creating pathways of income around every corner. 


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