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Why Should you Choose Splitmetrics for mobile app growth ?

Splitmetrics is excellent to opt for if you are developing an app and need help improving it as SplitMetrics’s mobile app marketing agency helps you in various ways and also has deep knowledge about ASA (Apple Search Ads). Throughout this article, we will brief you on how Splitmetrics can help your mobile app stand out from the rest. 

App Store Optimization 

With the SplitMetrics Optimize platform, the App Store Optimization (ASO) team can increase conversions and installations while also bringing your app to the top five in organic rankings as it enhances sustainable mobile app growth by A/B testing and optimizing all of your app’s page components, graphics, and keyword information for growth and scaling.

A/B testing is the technique of simultaneously displaying two variants of the very same website page to various sections of website users and determining which version increases website conversions.

Before selecting a pricey rebranding, see how traffic quality improves with a modest design, images, and go-to-market communications asset. Understanding where your traffic comes from and why or how that specific channel drove visitors to your website is the first step in assessing the quality of your traffic. In other words, it identifies the sources of your traffic and determines the sources that generate conversions.

Splitmetrics is working to lower the cost per impression (CPI) for paid and organic visitors while increasing income from in-app sales.

Apple Search Ads which are fully monitored

With Splitmetric’s professional User acquisition team and smart SplitMetrics Acquire platform solutions, you can get more iOS app installations, save expenses, and meet your key performance indicators while optimizing your Apple Search Ads account and increasing ROAS (Return on ad spend). 

You get a lot of advantages as  Splitmetrics develops a KPI-focused approach, a keyword list that is relevant, unique product pages, and a new account layout. KPIs are the essential metrics you should monitor to ensure that your strategic business goals are met. KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) enhance your strategy by allowing your employees to focus on what matters most. Sales growth, revenue per client, net profit, client retention rate, and client satisfaction are the five KPIs.

See how your account is growing by identifying possibilities to expand your share of the market and optimizing it for new storefronts. Track performance indicators and optimize bids to assure progress within your business KPIs and industry standards and eliminate the control routines.

Design Studio

Starting with optimizing app page components, including color, font, icons, graphics, brand design, and navigation, dispose of any piece of material generated from concept to design for your app store optimization or user acquisition objectives. With fresh ad graphics, you can effortlessly expand your audience. The finest visual commercials are simple and straightforward, conveying a clear message without overwhelming your viewers. 

Your viewers will be able to swiftly perceive and assimilate the information you provide in your ad if you stay focused on one message. Finally, personalized product pages may help you increase conversions by using high-quality product photographs and videos, adding trustworthiness badges and statements, reducing clutter, boosting site performance, and more.

Increase Reach with Advanced Social Media ads

With a completely social media ad agency, you may expand the reach of your mobile app. The Splitmetrics team will test the theory, create fresh creatives for converting advertising, and drive installations. The most frequent method for validating your hypothesis is A/B testing. 

When someone interacts with your ad or free product listing, for example, clicks on a text ad or watches a video ad, and then performs actions that you’ve described as useful to your business, as in an online transaction or a voice call to your business from a cell phone, is a brief description of converting ads. Splitmetrics assists you in creating distinctive and innovative advertising that converts.

By attracting new app users and receiving detailed statistics and insights, you can improve your Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok advertising. Deep analytics is a data mining technique that analyses, extracts, and organizes enormous volumes of data in a way that is acceptable, usable, and valuable to a company, individual, or analytics software program. Marketers value insights because they provide a deeper knowledge of key areas of marketing, such as audience habits, market dynamics, and effectiveness across several dimensions. 

The main distinction is that although analytics and analysis allow you to look at data across time or by project, insights are the conclusions you get from the analysis. The information gleaned by analysis aids in the formation of accurate knowledge of a situation.


An ecosystem of products and services that enable mobile-first companies and brands globally to build and scale their go-to-market engine.

Top app and game developers turn to SplitMetrics, an Apple Search Ads Partner, for intelligent data-driven solutions designed for advanced Apple Search Ads automation and optimization, mobile app concept validation and A/B testing, market insights, as well as full-cycle professional services for app and brand growth.


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