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Shoot, Stack, Kill in Vampire Hunters – Retro FPS with Roguelite Gameplay

Belo Horizonte, Brazil – June 13, 2023 – You need guns to hunt vampires… you need a lot of guns. Slay vampires, demons, and everything in between. vampire hunter – New retro FPS coming soon steam next fest.The undead are trying to learn its true meaning Bullet hell!

Inspired by indie hits vampire survivorsGameCraft Studio’s vampire hunter Players pile up weapons until they end up with an absurdly impossibly awesome build. Test your firepower, die, and try again with rogue-lite elements, insane but useful upgrades, and addictive ‘try again’ gameplay. Relentless action, blood-curdling music, and a dark steampunk world combine to deliver a gun-obsessed fantasy FPS experience unlike any other on Steam.

play free demo During Steam Next Fest!

Lead Producer Tiago Zaidan will live stream the game during Steam Next Fest at the following dates and times:

“and vampire hunterwe wanted to create an FPS with high replayability where players are free to experiment with different builds on each run and an engaging gameplay loop like this: vampire survivorssaid Tiago Zaidan, CEO and lead producer of Gamecraft Studios. “In this FPS, the player walks in a straight line completely focused on building great weapon stacks. The hallway-like level design allows the player to focus on what matters: vampire hunting. Weapon stacking mechanics Plus, players can further customize their builds with perks, upgrades, constellations, relics, etc. Combining pieces makes for something very special, especially if you’re a fan of retro FPS and roguelites. .”

Main features

  • Stack up new weapons to amass incredible firepower.
  • Defeat vampires, demons, and all sorts of undead with a dozen.
  • Collect everything from classic revolvers to submachine guns and even robotic arms.
  • Explore the unique steampunk environment of Transylvania.
  • Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade!
  • Inspired by classic first-person shooters and innovative gameplay. vampire survivors.


The free demo will be open to the public during Steam Next Fest. The price and release date for the early access release have not yet been determined. Wishlist and follow us on Steam. Shoot, Stack, Kill in Vampire Hunters – Retro FPS with Roguelite Gameplay

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