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What is the review score for Games Inbox: Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom?

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom – Critical Response? (Photo: Nintendo)

On the page of Wednesday’s letter, one reader recommends Museo Videojuego, saying he doesn’t think a Metal Gear Solid 2 remake is needed.

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shocking score
So I assume a review of The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is expected to arrive in the next day or two, but I think it’s a clear guess that it will be 10/10 seconds overall. Other than that? I think there are some sites that want to stand out by being contrarian and lowering their score, especially if they have particularly fragile weapons and it’s the same base map as before.

i don’t know if that was happening Breath of the Wildits quality seemed like a genuine surprise to everyone, and I suspect this time it wants to make its mark by pointing out all the small flaws. , I think performance will also be addressed.

There is also the issue of Star Wars. If the plot doesn’t live up to every fan’s theory, Nintendo will be criticized for not reading everyone’s collective mind and not doing exactly what they wanted. I don’t see any reason to think Zelda will ever be playable.

I expect a 10/10 from the GC, 9/10 isn’t a big surprise, but I’d be shocked if it was any lower.

super plausible
I’m pretty sure the Switch 2 will come with the Ultra Hand Gloves peripheral. Just like Link used his Slate (i.e. Switch) in Breath of the Wild, he used his Ultra Hands in Tears of the Kingdom. It hints at Nintendo’s next console and gives people a reason to buy Tears of the Kingdom on the new console.

Plus, talking about the Seattle showcase makes me think even more because you have to experience this kind of thing firsthand. Much like Nintendo historically did with his Wii motion controls. We can also see how he will perform as Glovie instead of Cappy in the next Mario game.
Deb P

GC: It’s not such a crazy theory if you know Nintendo.But apparently the Seattle event not for switch 2.

upward failure
There are statements that sometimes haunt me in reviews, such as GC’s quote from the Super Mario Galaxy 2 review, referring to Nintendo’s attempt to rush a sort of remix of the first game. Create a cynical cash-in, but Nintendo has completely failed. Super Mario Galaxy 2 not only surpassed the original, it’s the best Mario game ever. Mario’s high standards make him one of the greatest games of all time.

The above quote may resonate when it comes to Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The game was originally slated to be his DLC for Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but once again failed spectacularly with too many ideas, resulting in a rare direct sequel.

I don’t think it’s insane to believe that lightning has struck twice and Tears of Zelda will once again “completely fail” and become one of the greatest games ever made.

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Art exhibition
Just wanted to give a heads up to the GC community who may be driving through Malaga, Spain to check out the OXO Gaming Museum or Museo Videojuego as the locals say!

It’s five minutes away from the Picasso Museum, a ruse I used to bring my Missus to the area… spread across three floors, one with video game history and dozens of Many of the consoles that can be played over the years are on display. I’d never seen a virtual boy in the wild before, so I gave it a shot among all my old favorites. There’s Call of Duty, as well as an online game room.

The 3rd floor has arcade games like Street Fighter, Guitar Hero, Taiko Game, After Burner, Giant Tetris, and other Bits & Pieces like PlayStation 5s and VR. My personal favorite is the Star Wars Battle Pod, all cabinets are free to play!

Like I said, I had a better half with me who wasn’t into games, and she thoroughly enjoyed it too. Check here.
Digidis 121

good times
Lempton’s comments on Capcom and Dead Rising…did they think Dead Island was the same thing? Believe it or not, there are quite a few people asking for this. I’d welcome the return of Dead Rising, but as long as it lives up to the first two games, with psychopaths, a fun explorable mall, and a tight timeline, the latter two will be a blast. Not the game’s bloated open world, not the really great gameplay of that final game.

Oddly enough, it took Capcom 11 years to bring back Devil May Cry, six years after the reboot. This new rumor indicates that Dead Rising is also a reboot, and it’s been six years since the last game.

Could it be that Dead Rising reboots in the same pattern, lauded by critics but hated by fans, and returns five years later with a sequel that both critics and fans will enjoy? Only time will tell, but I’m glad they didn’t let this series die and instead let it live up to its name. Dead Rising 3 released on his PC, so it’s not just Xbox One.

GC: I mentioned that the Xbox One is the only console version.

unnecessary upgrade
I think there must be something to the Metal Gear Solid 3 rumors, but it seems a little strange to me. In fact, I played the HD remaster on my PS Vita just a few years ago, and with the camera and controls tweaks in the Subsistence edition, it still plays great today.

That said, it made me think about how good the late PlayStation 2 was. Sony’s machine lagged far behind the original Xbox and GameCube in terms of power… but through clever development, Metal Gear Solid 3, Wolves, God of War 2, Final Fantasy 12, Shadow of the Colossus… , Devil, and other exclusive (immediate) titles were produced. May Cry 3, Persona 4, Soulcalibur 3, Sly Racoon 3. Not to mention smart ports like Resident Evil 4 and multi-format titles like TimeSplitters 3 and Burnout Revenge. I have HD re-releases of a few of them and all still play fine today with just upscaling the resolution. No need for expensive remakes of everything.

It’s frustrating here that console games are split into generations.While you’ll gate titles off on older machines even if you have discs (hello, Jet Set Radio Future), publishers are pushing older titles to modern hardware baffles Reluctant to throw over walls. Modern architecture is different, needs professional attention and may have licensing issues with music (hello jet set radio future) and other branding No, but actually, isn’t it worth mentioning… EA’s machine to digitally place black in modern times? At least the Switch with Portable Play would have had the potential.

system seller
Over 60 million people have played Mario Kart 8. It’s basically in the same position as Grand Theft Auto 5, which hit two generations in a row, and it’s crazy to think that it could easily be ported over for Switch 2 and tidied up a bit.

I remember in a recent reader’s feature suggesting: Mario Kart 9 becomes a launch title For newer consoles, it’s totally understandable. If it’s not available at launch, it will definitely be in the first year. If not, Mario Kart 8 Ultra Deluxe is in question. However they do it, Nintendo will know they need Mario Kart on new hardware ASAP.
moon star

toss a coin
I’m sure this has been a hot topic in the past, but GC and its readers wonder how well they think Switch 2 will fare, even from a hardware perspective, compared to the runaway success of Switch 2. What expectations do you have about switch? While hardcore gamers would probably be happy with just the higher spec Switch without the extra hooks, we think Nintendo’s most successful console has gone beyond gaming to become a must-have toy or gadget. No mom or dad ever takes out a PlayStation 4 at home. Auntie didn’t buy an Xbox to play Halo, but may have had a DS to play Brain-her training.

Switch has definitely achieved this. Massive marketing campaign (“Let’s play Switch outside at this family BBQ!”) attracts more casual gamers, while excellent first and third party support has helped it stand out among hardcore gamers has become firm. But I doubt the Switch 2 could repeat the same feat without an exciting new gimmick to bring back casual gamers. Keep weird and hardcore gamers away?

Obviously, this is pure speculation at this point, but I find it interesting because Nintendo generally never plays it safe. The percentage of Switch viewers who crave higher spec updates is probably smaller than you might think (our little bubble where everyone is obsessed with every aspect of the game). Either way, it looks like we don’t have to wait any longer.
magnum starch

GC: Normal logic would suggest that it would be functionally similar to the current Switch, but the power would only be somewhere on the level of the PlayStation 4. ever or instant flop.

Run Inbox too
Can you tell us when The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom reviews were banned?

GC: No, I can not. Please stop trying to sue us.

It’s one thing that the Switch 2 won’t come out until next year, but what will it come out with this year? Suddenly have something to show off at Gamescom on the moon?

hot topic of the week
This weekend’s Inbox theme was reader Kyrt’s favorite video game music track.

What is your favorite piece of music in a video game, as opposed to an entire soundtrack? How much fun is the music’s inherent quality and how it’s used in the game? How long did it take?

If you don’t know its name, or if it’s not just the theme song, try explaining where it’s located in-game. do you mean there is

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