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Games Inbox: Do you still believe in PS5 and Sony?

do you have faith? (Photo: Sony)

Wednesday’s letter page argues for and against Xbox Game Pass, readers ask who pays attention to user reviews on Metacritic.

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test of faith
With the console wars getting worse than ever in the last year or so, I think most discussions have abandoned any kind of logic and are just based on faith. It does not mean. We are just discussing the supporting side and nothing else. We’re like football fans who never stop supporting their favorites, no matter what the argument might be.

I don’t think it’s healthy at all. I choose the best console for me from generation to generation, and that has changed multiple times between Xbox and PlayStation. It may not have been the majority, but how many die-hard Xbox fans were there who refused to give up on the Xbox One when it was clearly a disaster?

all that i hear PlayStation 5future direction of live service games And even one of their own executives sounds like they’re taking it lightly. I will wait until after the showcase in June to make a purchase decision.

I may be overly cautious, but I’m curious to know what die-hard PlayStation fans think of this turnaround, and if they still trust Sony. Do you know what they are still doing? Can you play normal games as usual enough? I am not sure, I am not sure.

who is his dad?
So I spoiled myself with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and some of the YouTube comments included Jackass, who thought it was a good idea to spoil the most important thing. And there is one thing that I find non-obvious. And now the moment is getting ruined for me I’m not super spoiler sensitive but this was basically like ruining the end of empire his strike his back .

I don’t understand why these companies are not doing anything about this issue. It happened with basically every game last year, but it still lets shops sell early. Star Wars apparently requires a download, but that didn’t stop people from playing it early ? Not only is it annoying, it’s strange that it continues.

occasional gem
just read an article about Xbox moves to third party He also mentioned a few things about Game Pass.

For Xbox to come out on top, it has to deliver on what it promised with Game Pass. His 90% of the new games they release are games seen on mobile phones, which is very disappointing.

There are some good games here and there, like Valheim for example.

A small game created by a few people, originally designed for mobile!

It’s like a Viking survival game, and it’s very beautiful.

But getting back to my point, for Microsoft to regain its lead in the gaming industry, it needs to stop tinkering and give back value to the customers who paid for Game Pass and remained loyal.

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Change as good as rest
After reading GC review I was initially happy with Dead Island 2 being more linear and less open world. Having previously tired of the open world thanks to Red Dead Redemption 2 and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, I couldn’t get into Dying Light 2 unlike the first game. Ironically, I played Dead Island 2 and missed the open world, so I came back to Dying Light 2. Newfound gratitude.

Timing is everything in games. At least for me, because it’s easy to get bored with certain types of games. I play linear games like Callisto Protocol, Dead Space Remake, and Resident Evil 4 Remake. Dead Island 2 is arguably more linear than some of these references, so it was almost inevitable that I was ready for a change. will be At least we can complete Dying Light 2 thanks to Dead Island 2.

As a reviewer, are you GC tired of certain types of games? This is not just me, gamers suffer from similar fatigue. I made it.

Want to know if other readers have encountered similar problems? It doesn’t mean that the buyer regrets the game they don’t like. Specifically, it’s a matter of timing.
PS: Dying Light 2 is 50% off in the Xbox and PlayStation stores for the next few days. So what if there’s a linear game buddy out there? Plus, the game has been completely updated, making it a better experience now.

GC: If anyone feels that way, I’ll pass it on to another reviewer.

delay evil
I’ve always loved fishing in game, so Dredge seemed interesting. I haven’t gotten that far (just upgraded the hull), but so far it’s a very good little game and worth £20 from the PlayStation Store.

I’m also late playing the recently purchased Resident Evil 4 Remake, and the GameCube original is one of my favorite games.

TL;DR: A very interesting game. I give it an 8/10.
Chevy Malibu (PSN ID)

GC: we Priority Resident Evil 4.

try out
If you’re anything like me, you might find it hard to justify paying full price for a game you may or may not like. This is a great way to try out new games in genres you don’t normally play.

Game Pass has helped me discover amazing titles I wouldn’t have tried otherwise. Ori And The Will Of The Wisps, What Remains Of Edith Finch, Tetris Effect, Carrion, Hellblade, Doom Eternal, A Plague Tale, My Friend Pedro… the list goes on.

Admittedly, I also dropped a few games that I didn’t click too much with, but otherwise I haven’t tried them so it doesn’t matter. Removed. I am grateful for that.

As someone who’s been playing games for 20 years, I thought I had a pretty good idea of ​​what I liked. But Game Pass showed me a lot of things I never would have discovered on my own. Also, I’m sure there are many other game enthusiasts who would benefit from this service.

Also, I think Game Pass is still in its early stages. Until AAA exclusives like Starfield, Hellblade 2, Fable, and Perfect Dark come along. In addition, it will very likely be confirmed in the coming weeks/months, adding Activision Blizzard’s library. Only then can you truly judge it, because at that point it becomes very difficult to ignore.

So if you’re hesitant to try new games because of cost, or if you feel stuck playing the same old genres, give Game Pass a try. maybe.

unwanted opinion
The thing that always puzzles me about Metacritic scores is not just because of what losers bombed with girls, but who even cares about user scores in the first place.

Anyone reading this and making a purchase decision for £70 based on random Metacritic remarks? I just take everything away, but who needs that? It’s not that they can’t share their opinions online.

embargo information
Question to GC if you don’t mind…

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild took about 50 hours to complete, probably double that to 100%. Even the numbers below that still have weeks of heavy playing.

We understand that due to industry-wide bans on usage reviews, reviews cannot be published until a specific date and time (usually a few days before release). Given that most of Tears of the Kingdom has been kept secret to this day, I don’t think a copy of the review will be sent until the last minute. How can I play as much?

Will someone go a week without sleeping, or will a 3-4 man Le Mans-style team take turns playing 24 hours a day? do you want to concentrate?

Also, I’m curious, what will happen if the embargo is lifted? I know Nintendo is a very litigious company, but I don’t think it’s criminal to do so. Will they just refuse to work with you again, or will they likely call a lawyer?

GC: I don’t know what these assumptions are based on, but they are all wrong.

Run Inbox too
So who wants to place a bet? Will FIFA 25, or whatever the first one be worse than the last eFootball game?

wonderful Features of AI current and future impact on the gaming industry; I still see people mocking it, but I don’t know why. This is going to change the world, and video games will lead the world, for better or worse.

hot topic of the week
This weekend’s inbox subject was suggested by reader TheTruthSoul (PSN ID) How often do you finish playing video games?

What drives you to complete some games and not others? Are there common factors that influence your decisions? Or is it purely dependent on game quality and external factors? Do you have?

Do you usually aim to complete the game? And are there any instances where you unexpectedly changed your mind one way or the other? What do you think it means to complete the game? How often do you try 100%?

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