Why have online casinos grown in popularity in South Africa?

There has been a quick surge in the popularity of online casinos in South Africa, but why is that, exactly? This sudden pump in popularity is thanks to a few different factors, most notably the boost in accessibility for users and the global pandemic.

Over the last decade in South Africa, the gambling industry has also seen a boost. In this article, we will look at how and why the online casino market is going through a transformation. We will also look at some of the potential components that have been influential in this popularity increase.

Casino Bonuses

A large reason behind the heightened number of South African players at online casinos is casino bonuses. These bonuses can be free spins, matched deposits, bonus funds and others that you can find on different sites. Every site offers a different online casino bonus, so read the terms and conditions before signing up and depositing on any site.

Casino bonus demand has increased steadily over the years, which shows a slow increase in South African online casino players trying to find which casino offers the best – or any – casino bonus offer. In April 2020, specifically in South Africa, there was a large spike in searches for ‘casino bonus’ on the internet, and as time went on, that search kept reaching all-time high values.

Mobile Accessibility for Online Casinos

Continuing with the bigger reasons for online casino popularity, we turn our attention to mobile users. With the demand for portable gaming increasing, accessing online casinos from your mobile device caught the attention of many users. This development means that people can play anywhere, making a lot of people’s dreams come true!

Mobile devices themselves have also become much more accessible, and now South Africa and other African countries have over 300 million smartphones. It could be argued that this is a reason for the increase in online slot uptake within South Africa. It seems evident that most players from this area will search for the best online slots and casinos through their mobile devices. 

The Global Pandemic

You will probably not be surprised that the global pandemic of 2019-2021 caused a significant increase in online casino users. This was a worldwide increase, which of course, includes South Africa. The phrase ‘online casino’ is now searched 3,300 times per month by residents of South Africa.

Live Casino

Within South African residencies, Live Casino is a talking point. Live casino games give users the chance to feel like they are at a real casino without leaving their homes. The requisition for live blackjack and live roulette has seen an influx. These search terms have become popular. 

Which are the best online casinos for South African players?

The task of finding an online casino can seem quite daunting, but as a final piece of input from this article, we can recommend a potential suitor to your online casino search. One of the best online casinos that accept players from South Africa is Wombat Casino, a great landing place for many online casino players. You can also gather a nice welcome bonus when you sign up with them today!

Safer Gambling

Online casinos and gambling are very serious areas of interest. It is important to remember what is at stake when playing online casino games and remind yourself to be sensible and responsible with your money. Gambling should be fun, so remove yourself from the situation if you ever feel that an issue arises. Please gamble responsibly. 


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