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Top Study Apps Every Student Should Use in 2022

The Word “study” is a very crucial factor in our life. To learn, to grow, to flourish, to experiment, to progress, and to succeed in life, studying is a must. We started going to school at a very young age. Schools, Colleges, and Universities are the institutions where we study, and we go there for the only purpose to explore, grow and prosper by becoming students. Starting from a very young age, the word “study” was limited to books and journals only. But the present scenario has changed the method of studying and it has become handier and much easier for every student. If you are a student and you own a smart electronic gadget like a smartphone or desktop or laptop or tab etc., you have so many choices and opportunities to use different apps for studying and exploring the same.

In the current day scenario, you do not always have to go to the library in the form of your physical presence to borrow books. Your smart gadget can be handy at times, and you can find and borrow books using so many best study apps. Moreover, you can read and take notes and even save them for later using the right apps on your smart device.

Studying has become so much easier and more exciting for everyone. Those who do not like to read books are the most likely to get benefitted from all the features a smart device and technology can offer.

Let us focus on the best study apps available in the market for students. Let us find out how these apps developed by mobile application development agency that can benefit us and provide us with useful services at their best to benefit students.

While there is an app for everything, let us narrow down some apps that are helpful for students in different categories as follows;

  1. Apps that are for bargain hunters or people who need the best deals
  2. Apps that are for planners.
  3. Apps that are meant for bookworms.
  4. Apps that target the people who love to learn new languages.

There are different apps for different students with different personality types that cater and offer everything for free depending on the student’s requirements. Whether you own an iOS device or Android, all the apps are compatible and free to use. Let’s find out the suitable and best study apps for you based on your requirements.

1. Apps that target the bargain hunters or for people who need to find the best deals-

If you choose to borrow books from the library or friends instead of buying that, or if you tend to share your food with your peers, you are most likely to come under the bargain hunter category or the one that constantly keeps looking for the best deals. Let me come up with the best study apps for you that will benefit you in every possible way. Some of the best study apps help you to keep a track record of your spending and create a customized budget that may help you to spend wisely. These apps can help you keep all your transactions in one place. The best study apps for the bargain hunters and people that keep looking for deals are as follows;


The students who want to pursue their studies and save money at the same time, MINT is one of the best study apps to keep up and track their expenditure and create an appropriate budget plan accordingly. You can get a complete picture of your finances when you add all the account details with this particular app.

MINT will keep you informed about your daily or weekly, or monthly expenditure and plan the rest of the finance accordingly. It is very easy to understand if you have anything left in your bank account to plan out for a weekend trip after paying the rent. You can also plan out for more future goals relating to your finance, like paying the student loan or saving money for the upcoming semesters. This app is completely compatible with both the iOS and Android platforms.


As a student, it is very crucial to maintain track of your finances and split your costs accordingly. Starting from paying for a student loan rent to paying other bills, SPLITWISE is one of the best study apps for students. Whether you are the full bearer of your rent or you share the payment with your housemate, you can get all the details while using this app. Sometimes maintaining your finances can become messy if you do not have an appropriate method to keep track of your expenses that helps you to be savvy. Moreover, this app can help you to track if you owe any money to anyone. It is free to install and use both on iOS and Android devices.

2. The Planner

As a student, it is very common to miss some classes due to various reasons that are not known to you before even the incident occurs. Sometimes sickness can cause trouble, attending the classes as per the schedule is very crucial. The students that come under the Planner category can put enough effort into managing and organizing the schedule, which makes things easy for them. The best way to fix these issues is time management with the help of a student planner app that you can access anytime and anywhere. The best study app available for enjoying these features is the planner app.


My Study Life is one of the best study apps that is a replacement for the notebook planner we usually carry all day along with us, especially when it comes to studies. The calendar function was made for students to keep track of the schedule of all the classes without missing any or any conflicts between the two classes. This makes the academic life of the student well organized and easy to adapt. Moreover, the student can enjoy a balanced life between academic life and social life.

My Study Life helps to find a specific date for any particular class or seminar of the student while using the task manager of this app, in case you forgot to note the date down in pen and paper. The app also gives you reminders of any due assignments or exam dates along with the upcoming tasks and events. This app is compatible with Desktop, iOS, and Android.

B.   2Do APP

If you are a person who tends to make a to-do list to keep track of your daily schedule, then the 2Do app is the best study app for you. Being a student, it is not easy to juggle time and maintain all the responsibilities back to back. Whether it is about attending classes, doing coursework, attending lectures, preparing for examinations, doing assignments, and maintaining a healthy social life, some things are hard to remember between all the engagements usually a student has to undergo day-to-day activities. The 2Do app helps to create a checklist to keep track of the projects and tasks that are needed to be done.

You can divide your 2Do list into different categories. Your coursework, study club, sports activities, and more crucial tasks are listed with a tag to each of them. Moreover, you can use the app for listing your monthly chores, tasks, and even your grocery list. The 2Do app helps you to get all your to-do lists in one place. That helps to focus and keep track of students’ daily tasks and check them off once done with the help of a checklist. It keeps things simple and relatively easy. You can prioritize the work that needs to be done between all your tasks just by checking the 2Do app. Moreover, to stay on the top, you can use the notification alerts of this app for your best study app experiences.

The best part, you can add items to your checklist even if the student planner feature is not working. This app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Mac.

3. The Bookworm

If you enjoy studying vigorously and you have a favorite spot in the library in your community or your educational institution, then you come under the bookworm category of a student. If you like to go through the contents and highlight the same before attending any lecture and enjoy spending time over it, then get ready to install some free apps that are particularly designed for your benefit. Study apps will make your life easier and help you to score more than before. They are as follows;


The Quizlet Flashcard App is a great mobile tool that helps you prepare for the next presentation, test, etc., easily.

For any subject in any class, flashcards help you to memorize the main content of the lesson. This app helps you to do the same thing on the go. Memorizing and brainstorming with any information has become easier and more effective than before. With the Quizlet Flashcard App, you can create customizable flashcards to remember and memorize the main contents of the course you pursue to ace in your class.

In case you are facing shortness of study time, this app offers you different types of customizable and re-created flashcards for free. This app is especially beneficial to the students who study abroad and helps them to understand the local language. Use the library of the app to find suitable flashcards for you and deck them up to fulfill your requirements and daily study routines. This app is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.


Evernote is one of the best study apps available in the market for students and helps them with their progressive learning. It is more than just taking note apps. This app will help you to keep records and track all the lectures class works and brings out the best and bright ideas.

Taking notes, keeping a record of that, and going through that as per your need has become easier with this app. Organizing your course work, typing notes, tracking the due dates, and saving the data and handouts has become easy with the Evernote app. This app saves the web pages and can be integrated with Google Drive and Outlook.

In case you forget about where you save your posts and information, you can easily add and use search tags and texts. You can find the necessary information inside the uploaded pictures of your handwritten notes also. One more feature this app offers is that you can easily avail all the content and use the app even when there is no internet connection. It can be used offline. So all Your notes can be synced across all the devices easily, and the compatibility is not an issue at all. This app is available on Desktop, iOS, and Android.

4. The Language Lover

Learning different languages is another skill students hone at. There are numerous reasons to learn different languages with the help of the best study apps. To make new friends, you must be well versed in their language. To travel or move to a new place, you must know the native language of that place. Various apps provide the best service for learning a new language outside your academic life. The best study apps that come with these features are as follows;


Duolingo is a great way to learn foreign languages. Starting from preparing for any semester to taking an intensive course on the second language, the Duolingo app is a one-stop solution. This app is a fun learning app. Here you can get options to play and learn together. These games are addictive and help you to level up your studies and lessons by winning the game and passing to the next level. The best part is that the app will give you feedback on your performance and help you to grow faster. The tips in the app will help you improve and skill development, making the app unique and effective. Duolingo also provides a way to talk to others with different linguistic questions and solves the issue when you land in a place where you don’t speak their language. The app is also available on Desktop, iOS, and Android.


Hello, talk is the best study app that offers you to learn about different cultures from different corners of the world while learning a foreign language. The app hosts a worldwide community of users dedicated to helping the learners to hone various languages. You can even get a chat option; you can take voice calls, video calls, and even doodles with the other learners. You can teach your language to others while learning their language from your fellow learners. HelloTalk will help you practice your language skill and help you ace them. This popular app is available both on iOS and Android.


While concluding, I must say, in the above, I have mentioned some of the best study apps that are helpful for the students in the present world developed by the mobile application development agency. You can try out these best study apps and manage your time and improve your studying. Hope you will find out all the above apps that will be fruitful for you.

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