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Sex Therapy – Discover The Benefits! | | Health & Fitness Information | Wellness, Nutrition & Health Tips

To Dr. SK Tandonsexology

This type of therapy or counseling is directed at individual psychological problems. It is particularly useful in treating sexual dysfunction that has no physiological reason. It is mainly useful for the treatment of:

1. Non-consumable

2. Low libido

3. Sex addiction

4. Uncontrolled ejaculation

5. Support for people who have been sexually assaulted

What You Need to Know About Sex Therapy –

The school of therapy is in its infancy, but very informative. To use sex therapy properly, there are a few things you should know about sex therapy. Some of them are:

1. Improved reliability:

Sex therapy is very beneficial in making people feel confident, strong and confident. It makes its presence felt in every aspect of an individual’s life and affects both inside and outside the bedroom. Try to maintain that attitude outside.

2. Talking is a form of sex therapy.

The idea of ​​sex therapy carries certain prejudices, one of which is the fear of nudity. People are generally concerned that sex therapy involves intimacy. However, sex therapy with a licensed sex therapist, in most cases, involves only conversation as a corrective action.

3. In-depth conversation:

During sex therapy, a person should indulge in an open-ended conversation with a sex therapist. Therefore, stakeholders also need to overcome their fear of discussing subjects that are considered taboo.

Four. save the marriage

Sexual problems are a significant cause of marital problems. Apart from a marriage counselor, a sex therapist can prove beneficial in saving a marriage, and in most cases, seeking the help of a sex girlfriend therapist can eliminate the possibility of divorce.

https://blog.lybrate.com/2022/09/30/sex-therapy-know-merits-of-it/ Sex Therapy – Discover The Benefits! | | Health & Fitness Information | Wellness, Nutrition & Health Tips

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