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This is Wild Hearts’ new cherry blossom fox kemonomimi and spinning top trick.

Developer Omega Force took a closer look at Wild Hearts’ first all-new creature addition ahead of its April 6th release, giving us a sneak peek at the fancy new spinning top tricks coming the same day.

Details of Murakumo unveiled for the first time ~Wild Hearts’ new “petal-manipulating fox” Kemono~ last weekand now Omega Force has shared a trailer that shows the eye-catching creature in motion.

Murakumo – The third post-launch monster addition to Wild Hearts, following the furry variant Hellfire Rahalabak Grimstalker – Harnessing the power of the wind, he can evade counterattacks by jumping onto a platform made of cherry blossoms and unleash a devastating tornado when enraged.

Wild Hearts – Lethal Blossom update trailer.

According to Omega Force, Wild Hearts’ new spinning top contraption will come in handy when battling Murakumo, gaining speed and power by connecting to obstacles until Pirouette can take down beasts with great ferocity. Take advantage of your device’s capabilities.

Elsewhere in Wild Hearts’ April 6th update, Omega Force is introducing new limit-breaking weapons and armor. Basically, the player can collect core his orbs by battling late-game volatile beasts. Different creatures drop different orbs. You can apply this to your weapons and armor to give them unique enhancements.

Finally, Omega Force says it plans to include “as many fixes, improvements and tweaks as possible” in the update. sometimes erratic performance – Remains particularly unstable on PC.

Not everything is coming in April, though. Wild Hearts will also get his second content update on April 20th, adding a new Deep His Volatile His Kemono variant Death Haze his Groombeak. It also promises new chat emotes and emotes, along with a new special quest type known as Serial Hunt. It challenges the player to battle a series of beasts until they are overwhelmed.

Wild Hearts is a great take on the formula established by Capcom’s Monster Hunter series, adding, as I said, a “thoughtful and incredibly vibrant twist.” my recommended review It dates back to February.

https://www.eurogamer.net/wild-hearts-trailer-shows-off-new-cherry-blossom-fox-kemono-and-spinning-top-karakuri This is Wild Hearts’ new cherry blossom fox kemonomimi and spinning top trick.

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