Win Your Next Wager With These Horse Race Handicapping Tips

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Handicapping a horse race means that you are projecting the result of the race. When you handicap a race, you will have to predict which participating horse has the highest chance of winning the game. This way, you will know whom you will place your bet and profit from it.

However, handicapping a horse race can be tricky, especially for rookie punters just starting their wagering hobby. For beginners, here are some tips you can follow to handicap a horse race successfully.

Check the Form of the Horses

The first tip when handicapping a horse race is to check all participating horses and examine their form. Eliminate those participants who are not fit to narrow down your options. It would be best to consider each horse’s condition according to their recent races or the series of workouts they are doing.

Going back to a horse’s most recent race and its maintenance is the best gauge for a horse’s fitness. If a specific participant hasn’t raced for more than 30 days, the trainer should provide proof that the horse underwent enough workout to keep it fit and well-maintained.

All participants that do not fall in this classification should not be considered. You must only conduct further handicapping on those that pass this step.

Filter Out According to Their Ability

The next thing you must do is filter all remaining horses on your list according to their ability. Figure out how fast these remaining horses run during their best day. Examine their speed and performance in their previous race. You can use platforms like blogs, video reports, and podcasts to learn about how each horse performs throughout its racing career.

This tip aims to identify how a horse can perform today and what it is capable of doing. You can eliminate two to three horses who can not pass this filtering stage of handicapping. Assess the horses properly to help you decide which one to keep and which one to let go of at the end of this step.

Figure Out the Class of Each Contender

When you do this tip, all outclass horses are expected to be removed from your list. This part is also the most challenging part of handicapping a horse race, as racehorses can significantly improve and progress these days.

Trainers try to make their horses the finest racehorse by using legal medications, workouts, and constant race participation.

The class of a horse is the quality it exhibits according to its form, stamina, strength, and determination. Horses that constantly finish their recent races with a high score indicate that the horse is a competitive contender.

It would be best if you also remembered to investigate further and know how the horses acquired those figures. Participants who won against incompetent contenders should be treated with doubt, and you must consider other factors when figuring out such a horse’s class.

Do Not Depend on the Breed

Although the pedigree of horses can significantly impact the skills and capabilities of horses, it is still advised to bet on a horse according to its performance. No matter how great the breed of the horse is, if it is not performing well that day, you will never profit from your wager.

Even though they are bred from two champions, there will still be circumstances that affect the horse’s performance on race day. Plus, no matter the pedigree, each horse will have characteristics that will be different from its predecessors.

The breed only becomes significant when the horse you are analyzing has yet to show its capabilities, especially in the race.

Remember That past Performances Are Vital

The horse’s past performance is the core of handicapping. It is why you should never forget to check the remaining horses on your list and review all their races and practices. With only small information about their past performances, you can already identify which horses have the highest chance of winning during handicapping.

Knowing the past performance will give you insights into valuable information, such as the horse’s overall racing records, previous races’ results, the location of the races, and the track condition of each race. These pieces of information are vital in handicapping the race you are planning to wager on.

All expert handicappers utilize these facts to know the ability of a specific horse. You can find all of the information you need online such as articles and videos.

Following these tips will help you learn more on handicapping horse races and successfully bet on the right horse, giving you a chance to profit more on your bets.

Start Handicapping a Horse Race

Handicapping is no easy thing to do. You must consider various factors first to ensure that you are placing your money on the right horse. However, with thorough research and a little luck, you’ll have an edge when it comes to handicapping. Now that you already know some tips on how to handicap a horse race properly, you are now capable of starting your journey as a punter in the correct way.


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