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Simple tips for a healthy and happy vacation

The holiday season is here! The next few days will be full of celebrations and it is also the time when most people choose to get married. Multiple weddings, gatherings, picnics, outings, or even vacations, how do you resist eating and not skipping workouts? You can still enjoy your holidays and stay healthy! Here are some simple tips to keep your vacation healthy and enjoyable at the same time.

on a road trip

  • Pack a few homemade things to eat along the wayhave a sandwich made with multigrain or whole grain breadplain or vegetable idli, homemade cookies, cupcakes for kids, vegetable upma, braised bean sprouts salad, chickpeas and more.
  • Please use seasonal fruits or your favorite fruits. Also carry some nuts with you to curb the hunger that usually comes from boredom.
  • Avoid high-calorie, unhealthy roadside foodsThey are unhealthy and even unhygienic depending on where you eat them from.
  • stay hydratedKeep drinking plain water. Carry juicy fruits such as watermelon and lychee, as well as coconut water and lemon juice.
  • Avoid sugary carbonated drinks Energy drinks with caffeine because they are high in calories and have zero nutritional value. They dehydrate your body and make you thirsty.

during a long vacation away from home

Again, by taking a few careful steps, you can keep your vacation healthy and enjoy it as much as you want!

  • moderation is the keyWhile in a new city you will definitely want to try the new and unique cuisines the place has to offer. just choose wisely, maintain portion controlYou can achieve this by leaving your hotel with a hearty and healthy breakfast.
  • Eat fruits and healthy drinks to fill your stomach when you travel or explore. Avoid over-packing.
  • While sightseeing prefer walking or cycling You can do it anywhere. It’s a fun way to burn calories and cover more ground.

Participating in a party

  • As a rule of thumb, Don’t get too hungry or too fullToo hungry and you’ll eat too much, too full and you won’t be able to taste all the delicacies out there!
  • Eat a healthy snack before you leave. Things like salads, sandwiches and fruit.
  • Do not eat while meeting or talking to other guests. You won’t know what you’re eating.finish the conversation and eat carefully and carefully!
  • Choose healthier alternatives Green salad over Russian salad, grilled over fried, fruit over rich creamy desserts.

Remember not to skip exerciseYou can do light exercise when you wake up or when you have time. There are many exercises you can do with resistance bands, so keep them handy. For expert guidance, join a live interactive session on GOQii PRO. GOQii AppYou can also contact a GOQii coach for tips by signing up for personalized health coaching here.

Play safe, play smart! Keeping everything in moderation and sticking to healthy alternatives and exercise can make vacations healthy and enjoyable!

#BeTheForce Simple tips for a healthy and happy vacation

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