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Is weightlifting just for men?This is why we think otherwise

When a woman lifts weights, does it make her look bigger like a man? Few women want a bulky or torn look, but those who don’t tend to avoid using weights altogether.

actually, weightlifting It’s for everyone. Let’s look at it from a functional point of view. Women need the same muscles as men to open doors and lift objects off the floor. The same muscles are used. You should ask questions like:

Should weightlifting be just for men?

At home, it takes muscle and strength to perform these tasks, such as lifting cylinders and boxes onto shelves, carrying shopping bags, and moving chairs and sofas. Most women prefer cardio, but they should also focus on strength training and weightlifting to be able to perform these tasks as effectively as men.

Does Weightlifting Really Make Women Obese?

it’s a myth. There are many reasons why women don’t get as much volume as men. One of them is the male hormone testosterone. It is the primary male sex hormone and muscle-building hormone. Men are genetically designed to have greater muscle mass and strength than women.

At best, strength training only increases lean body mass and reduces excess body fat in women. Women can’t build muscle like men because they lack testosterone. This difference in hormone levels is the main reason why women don’t gain heavy muscle mass during weight training.

For both men and women, gaining muscle leads to fat loss, and muscle loss leads to fat gain.

How does weightlifting help women?

Apart from aesthetics, having more power can make a person feel more independent and confident. It also offers many other benefits. Weightlifting:

  • tone the body
  • reduce excess body fat
  • improve posture
  • strengthen bones and joints
  • skin quality improvement
  • improve sleep quality
  • Improves strength and endurance
  • reduce stress
  • boost energy levels
  • improve heart health
  • Prevents aging and makes you look younger

Who would want to give up these amazing benefits! We hope this article has allayed your doubts and helped you make the decision to try weight training now! Everything you need to start your weight training journey! If you need help, sign up for GOQii personalized health coaching and talk to an expert. here.

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#Bizaforce! Is weightlifting just for men?This is why we think otherwise

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