Wedding Season: Never Be Underdressed Again 

Is there anything worse than arriving at a beach wedding to find everyone dressed to the nines in black tie and you seriously underestimated your outfit choices? When a wedding invite doesn’t specifically state the dress code, it can feel stressful to figure out what you should wear. Arriving underdressed at an event is one of the cringest experiences.

As a wedding guest, abide by the rule of thumb that it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. So how can you find that sweet spot of attire that’s fancy enough for a black tie event but looks chic enough to be worn to a more casual affair? Shop Reformation black tie dresses, of course! Read on for dress inspiration to keep your closet stocked with a go-to look for the wedding season.

Can’t Go Wrong with Florals

Floral dresses are always a good option for wedding attire. The look is classic and the print can easily look dressed up or dressed down. Fancy floral black tie dresses appear stunning no matter whether the print is muted or bold. At a more casual wedding, even if the dress itself looks a bit more luxe than what is expected, the floral pattern helps soften the look. Walking into a beach wedding in florals, even when the skirt of the dress is long and full, is the perfect touch.

The Veria Silk Dress in the Orchid print from Reformation is a perfect option for any wedding no matter what season or theme. The black solid color of the dress paired with the white orchid with green leaves makes it perfect for any time of year.

Veria Silk Dress

A Classic Black Dress

You can never go wrong with a black dress. This classic style of dress pairs nicely with any occasion. It’s a great go-to if you’re unsure about how fancy or casual the event is because black can easily look super elegant while also appearing like a simple choice for a more casual wedding. Plus, if the wedding has a black and white color scheme, you’re already set to go with your little black dress.

Reformation has plenty of black dresses to choose from to match your style. The Amani Dress in black is one of their most popular black tie dresses. The style is classic and will always look trendy. The dress hits mid-calf so it will look great and feel comfortable in any season.

Amani Dress

Colors for Every Season

While bold colors of bright pink or orange can be tons of fun to wear, especially for spring and summer events, the shades might not always match the vibe of a wedding. The color may leave you feeling as though you’re not quite dressed up enough for the black tie event. If you love some color, choose shades that are versatile for year-round wear and look chic enough for even the most elegant of weddings.

Reformation’s selection of colorful dresses from emerald to navy and red to yellow ensures you find a shade that makes you feel confident. The Andee Dress from Reformation is an elegant style dress that comes in many colorful shades and is a stunning option for any wedding dress code.

Andee Dress

The Fancy Appeal of Long Skirts

While black tie dresses with short skirts are great for a cocktail or semi-formal wedding, they might not appear fancy enough for a black tie event. When in doubt, opt for a dress with a long skirt that tends to pass the knee. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t show a bit of leg. Dresses with slits are an excellent way to wear a fancy dress while also giving the look a fashionable appeal.

Reformation has no shortage of long skirts in their black tie dresses. The Lecce Dress features a full, floor-length skirt with a low scoop back with button detailing for plenty of elegance with a touch of sass. It’s a must-have for the wedding season. 

Lecce Dress


With Reformation’s stunning black tie dresses, you never have to worry about undressing for a wedding again. Pick two or three of your favorite styles, colors, and prints to stock in your closet so you’re ready to go when the next wedding save-the-date arrives at your home. You’ll be dressed in confidence and fielding compliments in a look that you love.

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