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The most magical event of the year

Disillusioned A fun new chapter in Giselle’s story. The film has an original charm, yet has an enjoyable soundtrack.Introduces fresh new characters and settings worthy successor to the first movie. Disillusioned An easily entertaining film with great, energetic performances from an all-around cast, and lots of Disney nostalgia. The movie is a bit long, but Disillusioned teeth Definitely a must see Adults and children alike.

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Disillusioned We continue the story of Giselle (Amy Adams). anime fairy tale A country in Andalasia where she found her true love Robert (Patrick Dempsey) after her fiancée’s evil stepmother Narissa (Susan Sarandon) forced her through a portal and sent her to New York City. The movie begins with Gisele and Robert exhausted from taking care of baby Sofia, and Robert’s daughter Morgan (Gabriela Baldacchino) turned into her angry teen who can no longer connect with Giselle. . Needing more space, the couple moves the family to a small town called Monroeville. So Gisele wants to spend her former years happily together.

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When Giselle and her family move to Monroeville, Edward (James Marsden) and Nancy (Idina Menzel) create a portal in their backyard well that allows them to travel between Andalasia and the real world.Once Giselle’s wishes are anchored in her new wishing wand (given to her by Edward and Nancy), she finds herself unable to prevent herself from becoming an evil stepmother and asks Morgan for help in Andalasia. As she attempts to fight off the evil persona holding her captive, Giselle leads Morgan down a well, explains what she needs to do, and shoves her in once her stepmother gains control. the movement of the scene enchantment Narissa disguised herself as an old woman, pushed Giselle down a well in Andalasia, and sent her to New York City.

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When Morgan wakes up in Andalasia, he is shocked to find himself in life-like shape and surprised to see his perfectly drawn eyebrows. Morgan seems to be returning to her normal teenage self in Andalasia rather than the fairy tale where Giselle’s wishes have changed her, and when Morgan looks around her, the land has fallen into disrepair. there is Some time later, when Nancy and Edward find her, they explain that something draws magic from the realm of animation. I remember enough for Nancy to realize that Giselle made a wish with a wishing staff so large that she needed all of Andalasia’s magic.

Meanwhile, in Monroeville (now Monlorasia), Robert returns home. He spent the day using the sword that Edward gifted him and set out on a quest to save the townspeople from giants, dragons, and other beasts. There is almost no doubt that there is. As Edward alluded to earlier in the film, questing represents the pinnacle of personal fulfillment for the fairytale man, so in Monloracia it has become his new profession.

Robert finds Giselle waiting for him, dressed in a red gown and ready to go to the town celebration thrown by Malvina. In the carriage to the party, Robert is confused by Giselle’s new demeanor, especially when she thinks she should brush off her concerns about Morgan’s whereabouts and get the Minions. She dismisses his concerns when she stops the carriage to pull a carriage and Morgan insists that he doesn’t just disappear. As he leaves, Giselle sarcastically wishes him luck and continues on her way.

Determined to save both Andalasia and Monroeville, Morgan is convinced that if Giselle can remember who she is, she can reverse her wishes. Nancy, knowing that it is the memory tree of the Nancy, takes Edward to take her there. But this is nothing like the photo-and-construction paper collage that served as the memory tree Morgan created as a child. This is a fully grown willow tree with orbs that hold individual memories. Unfortunately, trees die and memories fade.

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When Morgan touches one of the memory orbs, a tree branch comes to life and Nancy and Edward learn that Morgan has magic inside her because she shares so many memories with Giselle. notice. Remember she is a good person. After Morgan successfully restores Giselle’s memory tree, she and Nancy are transported to Monroeville, leaving Edward behind. They arrive at Morgan’s new backyard next to a well. The magic of Giselle’s memory tree still swirls around the pair. Memory magic rises and enters the bedroom window of Morgan’s Tower.

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Meanwhile, Gisele’s best friend Pip the chipmunk (turned into a cat) goes to retrieve the wishing wand from Malvina’s henchmen Rosaleen (Yvette Nicole Brown) and Ruby (Jayma Mays). Pip sneaks into the room where Rosaleen and Ruby are guarding the wand. The pair of minions bicker over which one is Malvina’s favorite, only to be interrupted when Pip grabs the wand so they can rub Victory on their faces and walk away with the prize.

Pip catches up to Giselle just as her carriage arrives at the party and hands her the wishing wand. I’m here. After Giselle makes her wish, Malvina’s crown appears on her head. Malvina and Giselle start a battle with magic. Morgan, Robert, and Nancy arrive at the celebration with a memory tree, hoping to save the day as the destruction caused by Giselle’s wishes begins to spread.

Disillusioned Premieres for streaming on November 18th Disney+.

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