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How to diversify your crypto trading portfolio at Bitcoin Motion?

Although many will say the cryptocurrency industry is still in its infant stage as it is barely over a decade old. Nevertheless, there are several cryptocurrency assets in the industry. There are so many cryptocurrencies that it’s too cumbersome to keep track of every single one of them.

For this reason, you have the advantage of investing in any crypto that has the highest potential of increasing in price. Do not make the common mistake many investors make by investing in only one digital asset. Invest in as many cryptocurrencies as you can.

Importantly, when you want to trade crypto, Bitcoin Motion is the best trading platform for you. Bitcoin Motion offers you the best trading strategies in the industry. By connecting you with expert brokers, Bitcoin Motion ensures you do not become a victim of a pump and dump crypto scam amongst other ways you can lose your investment.

Strategies at Bitcoin Motion that helps you diversify your portfolio

One of the best crypto trading strategies analysts around the world have confirmed to work all the time is having a diversified trading portfolio. Diversifying your trading portfolio spreads out the risk of suffering a major loss from the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market and helps you earn a lot more stably. Here are some diversifying strategies you can use at Bitcoin Motion:

●       Split portfolio between high, medium, and low risks

By using the split cryptocurrencies portfolio strategy, you will mainly be investing in cryptocurrencies that are more stable than those that aren’t. Stable cryptocurrencies are low risks, hence, you are less likely to suffer any major losses. The downside to these types of cryptocurrencies is that because they are more stable they do not rise much. Investors who use this diversification strategy earn more from their investment in mid-risk and high-risk cryptocurrency. These categories of cryptocurrencies are more volatile, hence will rise and fall periodically.  A rule of thumb to this diversification strategy is to allocate 60% of your portfolio to stable crypto, 30% to medium risk crypto, and 10% to high-risk crypto.

●       Allocate new capital strategically to avoid overweight

Investors who have made big gains trading cryptocurrencies at Bitcoin Motion always want to invest new capital. If you’re already an investor and you’re looking to make more money, it’s important that when you allocate new capital you do it strategically. This is to ensure you do not have too much of your investment in one cryptocurrency.  Note that at all times, you should try to keep your portfolio balanced. Many investors often make the mistake of wanting to invest more money in a cryptocurrency with higher earnings. While it is logical to want to do this, remember the cryptocurrency market is volatile and crypto on the rise today may end up crashing tomorrow, so be wise with investment choices.

●       Diversify portfolio by timing

Knowing when to buy and when to sell any cryptocurrency is key to making money trading cryptocurrencies. Timing the cryptocurrency market with precision requires complex analytics with sophisticated trading tools which many investors do not have access to or know how to. Thankfully with Bitcoin Motion, as an investor you do not have to worry about the analytical part of trading. You get connected with trusted brokers that handle all the difficult parts of trading cryptocurrency like timing the market and acquiring the right asset at the right time.

How does Bitcoin Motion make crypto trading effortless?

As an investor who wants to trade cryptocurrencies, whether you are new to it or experienced, you are advised to trade with Bitcoin Motion. By rebranding to Bitcoin Motion, investors can have access to diverse trading tools that will make trading feel effortless. Trading on Bitcoin Motion is effortless since you get connected to brokers who make the trade for you. You also have access to 24/7 customer support who you can ask anything about trading.

Bitcoin Motion also makes crypto trading effortless by giving investors access to its automatic trading bots. These bots make trades for you based on preset criteria and expert brokers sets. As such, you do not have to be constantly on your screen to monitor the market to know the right time to buy or sell.

Open a Bitcoin Motion trading account today

If you are interested in getting on board with the easiest way to trade then it’s time you open a Bitcoin Motion trading account. You can create your trading account right away for free with no hassle involved. And by funding your account, you can start earning from cryptocurrency trading today.


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