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Infamous Zelda CD-i Game Gets Fan Remake, But Not What We Expected

The Adventures of Zelda – Would you prefer the Gameboy version? (Photo: Twitter)

Die-hard Zelda fans who need a fix before Tears of the Kingdom can check out the free remake of the often-forgotten CD-i title.

As unruly as The Legend of Zelda seems these days, especially tears of the kingdom The series is forever haunted by the infamous Philips CD-i games of the 90’s.

who are still thinking Wind Waker Cel-shaded graphics look bad Clearly you’ve never laid eyes on a cutscene as bad as Microsoft Paint.

Nintendo likes to pretend they don’t exist, but the internet keeps their legacy alive, with one fan remaking one of their games as a fake Gameboy port.

Rather than remake the more famous “Face of Evil” or “Wand of Gameron”, fan John Ray opted for the popularly named “The Adventures of Zelda” in 1996.

Unlike its siblings, The Adventures of Zelda was a top-down adventure game that played like the original NES title, complete with dungeons and an overworld. In theory anyway, it’s still terrible to play in practice, made worse by his CD-ROM technology in the 90’s which is ridiculous.

It also featured live-action cutscenes, which, while still bad, didn’t offer the same amount of meme potential as animated cutscenes in other games.

Obviously, this fan remake doesn’t carry over the cutscenes and Rey deliberately takes inspiration from other Zelda Game Boy titles, making it look like it could easily be mistaken for an official Nintendo game.

“The Adventures of Zelda sounded interesting and I thought it would be fun to play it on a handheld. I chose the Game Boy because it has existing Zelda games on the system.” he explains.

“The game follows the aesthetics of Link’s Awakening, but also incorporates some features from Oracle Of Ages and Oracle Of Seasons.”

Free to play on means it’s at least worth checking out. This is certainly a better alternative than tracking down a working CD-i and a copy of the game and paying through your nose.

However, Link is kidnapped by Ganondorf, and Zelda must go rescue him, which makes Zelda’s Adventure very unique.

The playable Zelda concept in the mainline entry is still requested by fans to this day. There have been theories that Tears of the Kingdom will eventually be delivered, but the closer we get to release, the less likely it is.

If she’s covertly playable, the discovery could leak before the game releases. bootleg Be careful because it has fallen into the hands of people.

Longplays from the original game were included where appropriate. This is indeed…something. Between those CD-i games and the live-action Super Mario Bros. movies, it’s no wonder the company has become cautious about licensing its franchises to other companies.

Today, however, I have found a more successful partner in Illumination. new mario movie, to ensure further collaboration between the two.I don’t know yet if Nintendo will commission them. zelda movie that too.

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