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5 Things to Know Before Looking for Managed IT Services in Sydney

Every business needs someone to take care of its IT issues. We all think we know enough until more serious problems appear. Losing corporate data and not being able to restore them is a huge problem for every company, which is why you need a managed IT service to handle the job.

Australia is one of the most technologically advanced countries globally, and there are lots of companies working in this field. Sydney alone has dozens of them, and finding one shouldn’t be easy, but when you think about how many options there are, you can be sure that finding one is tough.

In this article, we will focus on how to find the best managed IT Company in Sydney. We will tell you what are the few key things to mind before making a choice. If you follow these points, you’ll know what you’re looking for and what to choose.

1. Availability is crucial

Your company may be working from nine to five, but problems with computers and hackers are going non-stop. In some cases, when an issue occurs, you can’t wait for the next day to ask someone to fix a problem. When hackers attack, you need an immediate response, and even minutes later can be disastrous.

That’s why you need a company that will be working 24/7. You must be able to reach them at any time of day and night. In other words, when you’re looking for an IT company, search for one that will be at your disposal whenever something happens so that they can react to a problem promptly and accordingly.

2. Getting regular backups

Imagine how annoying it is when you delete a photo on your smartphone by mistake. Now imagine what kind of mayhem it would be if you lose all your corporate data because of any reason. Backup is essential, but without a team behind you that will know what to do, you can’t be sure that you’re safe.

A skilled IT team will know how to get automatic backups every day, and if your workload is big, they may even create a system for more frequent backups. There are tons of options, and together with these guys, you should discuss and find the most fitting solution for you personally.

Additional hard drives, cloud backup, and USB sticks are all proper solutions. You need to find the one that will work perfectly for you.

3. Experienced companies are better than inexperienced

When you’re trying to make a good choice, you should know that choosing an experienced team is always a better idea than hiring someone new in the business. Just look at yourself; if you’re running a business for a long time, you know how different your skills and capacities are now than five years ago.

It is the same with dedicated IT companies. They all know enough about their work, but to get the ultimate best, you should hire someone that is truly perfect.

4. Ability to come over in a record time when something happens

Choose a physically close company. Although in the era of the internet, everyone will try to convince you that they are capable of doing a good job, it’s not the same to have someone available online for you, and someone rushes into your office and handle the problem on the spot.

It’s even more important to have someone skilled and experienced that is located as close as possible to you. That’s why you should be looking into companies that are working in the area. Go through the online maps to find the closest IT management companies, and pick one that is not too far away.

5. Advising and employee education

Another vital role of the managed IT team is to be your partner at all times and advise you about future moves. They should be there to inform you about novelties in the world of IT services, share what moves are good, which ones are wrong, and so on.

Additionally, it’s important to have them as part of the education process for your new and existing employees. They should be all technologically aware and have advanced knowledge of computers and the internet. You must get this service too when you’re hiring someone to handle the IT issues in your company.


When you’re thinking about hiring an IT team, you must have all these pieces of information in your mind. Finding the best choice in Sydney is not an easy job because there are so many options out there.

Go through all of them and pick the one that will best fit your needs based on the list we provided above. Make sure they are physically close to you, available at all times, and ready to be part of your growing team.

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