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How do you recycle electronic goods?

Recycling your old or unused electronics is a good way to both help the enviroment and clear up clutter around your house. Simply throwing out your old electronics can just be like throwing away money. And if you don’t like throwing away money (who does) you should try Grande Vegas online casino.

Car boot sales

If you want that old-school vibe, where you deal with buyers face-to-face, then Car boot sales are the marketplace for you. It is not an online website; it is a physical marketplace where an individual can sell their household items.

Some call it “boot fair,” and some call it car boot sales, but it’s the same thing. The name has a car in it, but that doesn’t mean it’s a car selling market. People carry their stuff in cars and display the stuff they want to sell in front of the car; that’s how the name “Car boot sales” came to be.

If you are selling an old tv, try to find the remote that came with it. Try to present every part of the product. A product missing its part won’t get you a high price.

Makes sure whatever product you are selling is nice and clean. Polish the surface of the product if possible. A clean and shiny product will attract more buyers and help you sell it for a better price. Presentation is an important aspect of sales.

People are known for their haggling in this market. So put a slightly higher price so that the price doesn’t go too low after bargaining.

It is a great way to go out there, meet new people and sell your unwanted technologies. The transaction happens face to face so that you will be receiving cash instead of any online payment.

Local Recycling Sites

Sometimes old technologies are too old to sell, or you just don’t want to go through the hassle of selling old stuff. In that case, you can recycle them from your local council recycling center. There are online sites like “recycle more” and “recycle now” where you can check if the product can be recycled or not.

You can simply call your local council to find out the nearest recycling center too.

Make sure to separate parts like a remote and CD, which can be recycled separately. You don’t have to clean or polish the product like you do when you sell them. Just take the product as it is and submit it to the recycling center.

Not every recycling center will be efficient enough to recycle your very product. Depending on the size of the center and its efficiency, it may only be capable of certain product recycling. So make sure to call them before you physically carry your product to them.

If it’s one or two products, you can take them any day you want. But if you have a lot of stuff to recycle, I suggest going on Saturday mornings, as it is the idlest time for them. Otherwise, you need to spend hours there because of the crowd.

Under the WEEE directive, the council will take the products from your home if you ask them to. If you don’t have a car, don’t worry, just give your local council a call. Depending on which area you live in, they might charge you for the transportation.


If you don’t feel like selling your old technologies, you can choose to give them away for free. Freecycle is a non-profit private charity organization. It is registered in Arizona.

Somebody could use the gadget which you don’t really use.

You can give away almost anything: old TV, computer, mobile, airconditioner, and hairdryer.

To give away your unwanted gadgets on Freecycle, you need to visit freecycle.org. And join the closest group. After joining, you can put an ad post of the product you want to give away, and it has to be for free; you can not ask for a payment for the product.

You should put the product’s detail, but don’t go overboard with information like personal information. For privacy reasons, don’t tell your information details until you are sure the deal is final. Your phone number or email should be enough.

Interested individuals will reply to your post. After confirming that someone wants the product, you can let them come to your house to pick it up. I would say just pick a busy public area to give away the product; this way, your personal information will remain private.


There are more than 79 million mobiles in the united kingdom. And guess what, the majority of the mobiles are just sitting in junk boxes as junk. Many people just want to get them out of their house, and they end up putting them in the trash bin, which is not what you suppose to do. Fonebak is the solution for the overwhelming number of mobile phones sitting in your house as junk.

The incineration of mobile phones is recycled using a waste-to-energy system. The incineration process creates heat used in local villages to provide essential heat to people with approximately zero emissions. Some villages get so cold that people would freeze without a heating system.

They send the batteries to France, where they use them to make power tools, traffic cones, or just use the material to make new batteries. You will be shocked to learn they even make furniture and buckets from old batteries.

There are more than ten thousand free collection points of Fonebak across Europe to collect your phone. They also listed partners, and through them, you can send the phones via Freepost envelope.


If your giveaway or recycle your old gadget, there shouldn’t be any transaction. But if you sell them on an online site, make sure to make the payment through a PayPal account as it is the easiest and most efficient way.

Not all the buyers you meet online are legit, so if you choose to do transactions face to face, make sure to pick a busy public place for the meeting.


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