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Games Inbox: Why I Sold Xbox and PS5 and Sticked with Nintendo Switch

Everything you need? (Photo: Nintendo)

Since one reader is confused about how Gollum came about, Tuesday’s letter page discusses risk factors for single-player games and live-service games.

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full nintendo
So, since 2009, I’ve always had three consoles, including a PlayStation 3. Xbox 360 and Wii, but recently sold. PlayStation 5 I’m still using Xbox Series X and Xbox Series X. nintendo switch At this point. For many reasons. One of the main reasons is the game’s release schedule and game length. I work full time and am a father at home, so I don’t always have the time and money to play match after match. And with PlayStation and Xbox releasing a new game almost every two weeks, it seems like all these recent games are 50-100+ hours long. As such, I never really finished the game before the new release.

It’s always been a tough choice, especially during the October-December period, as a lot of the new releases I wanted clashed with each other, but there are certainly some very long games (like Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom) on the Switch. There are, but they’re not all released within the same few weeks, so there’s no rush and you have time to actually play and enjoy a long AAA game.

Another reason is how easy the Switch is to spend time with family. There are lots of games for kids so my daughter can have fun with them or just play the games I want to play when my daughter is asleep if my wife wants to watch TV. in a handheld model. Both of you can enjoy the night. I don’t think I’m the only one who’s thinking about making it a full Famicom.

Their first party games are great for everyone and they have tons of third party games like FIFA 23 and The Witcher 3. Also, the price difference between the consoles is quite large. £480 to get a PlayStation 5 now, and £450 for an Xbox Series X unless you want an all-digital S for £250. However, the Switch has a wide variety of models, all priced from £199 for the Switch:ite to £310 for the Switch OLED.

Even with storage upgrades, Switch only needs a micro SD card. Prices vary by size, but as an example, a 1 TB card is around £45. Getting storage expansion for your PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X so you can play next-gen games can cost up to £190 for just 1 TB. If you’re just getting started with the game for the first time, or are thinking about upgrading your old console, we hope you found this article helpful, interesting, and helpful in making your decision.

final decision
We’re less than a month away from the release of Final Fantasy 16, and I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, it looks beautiful, but the story certainly isn’t as bad as 15…it might be unbelievable.

But on the other hand, they charge extra to buy gear that increases experience points, and the price of the game is so high these days that it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.

Final Fantasy is the reason I invested in the PlayStation 5, so I’ll definitely buy it in the end, but GC’s review will determine if I buy it immediately after reading your review, or six months later. . Sale.

No pressure!

wise decision
So the reason The Last Of Us multiplayer hasn’t been seen in public since it was first announced is because… It’s not very well. It wasn’t the explanation I was hoping for, but I think it makes sense. At this point, it seems like the PlayStation’s wheels are coming off. Still, in all fairness, if they’re going to get Bungie on board and say they want the work, it’s really putting Sony’s various assets to good use.

The last thing they wanted was to see The Last Of Us Part 1 on PC followed by a bad spin-off. But this may be a necessary wake-up call for Naughty Dog to stop getting carried away by their own hype. If it’s terrible, forget about it and gently release it when no one is looking. It’s much better to work on the next proper game than wasting time on something nobody wanted in the first place.

If The Last Of Us multiplayer was cancelled, not only would I not care, I would actually be happy. It’s something I personally don’t care about and it shows that Sony doesn’t believe in the sunk cost fallacy.

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out of control
There are two things I don’t understand about Gollum. Well, if you don’t consider the obvious “Who would want a game based on Gollum?”, there are three. The first is why everyone thought the silly-looking design of a cross-eyed, bowl-shaped hairstyle was a good idea. It’s just laughable.

Second, are rights holders not interested in how these things turn out? I know things have gotten a lot looser since the death of Tolkien’s son, but this is the kind of thing that didn’t air even during the heyday of Star Wars movie cashing in the early 2000s. .

As others have said, it’s funny because I’m not interested in it personally, but overall it’s really stupid and things shouldn’t go this far.

attention span
In a nutshell, games and time. I bought The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom on Monday and played for about 3-4 hours over the next few days, getting stuck, lost and confused in the snowy area of ​​the tutorial stage. , was put up for sale and sold on Saturday afternoon. It blows me away how capable I was of ending Breath of the Wild.

When the scope and scale of the game became clear (i.e., it was absolutely amazing in every way), I didn’t have the time to complete it nor the persistent interest (or what needs to be done). It was clear enough that there would never be a memory), or even be able to complete it. Reach half way to completion. Life gets in the way, but as we get older and take on more, we have something to give. In this case, it’s game time.

Go back to your 10 minute session of Tetris 99.
Phil 303

Risks and Invalid Certificates
For the money, Sony is interested in live service games. Fortnite has made about $25 billion worth of revenue in six years. To put this in context, Elden Ring grossed just $804 million, which would be calculated if all of his 13.4 million copies sold for $60 (unlikely). but). FromSoftware makes Elden Ring in his 4-7 years he can only produce one, so he will have zero revenue for at least 4 years.

Harry Potter is the biggest game of the year so far in terms of revenue, and will break the $1 billion mark in profits, but like Zelda, it will probably take seven years to make the next game. Of course, Sony’s live service games are highly unlikely to reach such numbers. If even just a few games can reach hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, the ups and downs in the gaming sector will be evened out significantly.

Single-player triple-A games are great for us players, but the time has come to produce such games, and now with budgets in the hundreds of millions, they’re not great for game companies. It carries a very high risk. I’m still 100% sure Sony will have another PlayStation Studios-focused show this year, or at least some trailers and a State of Play single-player game later in the year. increase.

GC: Single player games are not risky. live service games. From, we can almost guarantee that every Souslike game will be a hit. The last few years have been drowning in Fortnite wannabes crashing and going up in flames within just a few months.

no, that was good
I was surprised to read some negative feedback about Helldivers 2 in my inbox the last few days. I thought the PlayStation showcase was really poor, but Helldivers 2 was one of his two games that stood out to me. (The other is a brave follower.)

For me, it’s fun, lively, and a great online game to play with friends.
Pigfish2 (PSN ID)

no lesson learned
So, it’s been two weeks since The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom was in people’s hands, and our inboxes are already flooded with letters complaining about the graphics, and the game is “not on the PS5.” There was even a comment saying, “It’s better.” I’m not sure how much more polygons would improve quests or level design, but maybe it’s just me.

I read a while back that it seems like the graphics conversation is still going on and I can’t believe that the developers wanted their resources to be spent improving the AI ​​and physics system instead of just making the lighting beautiful. You sent a letter about your feelings, and Tears of the Kingdom proves it. That’s exactly what Nintendo did. (Well, it may not be suitable for AI, but…)

I’ve seen a few recent instances where other game developers were amazed at what Nintendo actually did. The problem is that the general audience often doesn’t even notice the complexity, they just notice that something “looks right”.

These are just a few of the examples I’ve come across, and when other game developers describe what’s being done as “black magic,” it’s clearly something being done right. increase. Still, people groan about the graphics… it’s still a very beautiful game with a unique art style, but it’s just not photorealistic.

Sadly, the fact that the Switch is so underpowered compared to other consoles proves that this is the sort of thing that could have been achieved with at least the last two generations of consoles, but there It takes a great deal of time, effort, and effort to reach . Note that many publishers are reluctant to give development studios the resources to do so.

If the rumors are true that Tears Of The Kingdom was basically finished a year ago and spent the last 12 months purely polishing it, that’s how long it takes to get the game to this level. is required. So it kind of makes sense why so many publishers want to publish their games and make money from them.

I’m hopeful that Zelda’s success may cause publishers to rethink how they release games going forward, but as usual I’m afraid it’s taking away the wrong lessons.
Sparky the Yak

GC: According to the producer, the 12-month polish was not a rumor.

Inbox also ran
With so much going wrong with Sony at the moment, it’s hard to believe that Days Gone 2 is what people are obsessed with. I can’t think of a sequel that’s less likely to save their current predicament.

I wish I had heard something about Castlevania at the Sony event. Surely much more famous than Silent Hill? I don’t understand why they add 100 more games when there isn’t one game that everyone is familiar with: Netflix, Metroidvania, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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