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Best agents to use on each map of Valorant

There are multiple maps, each with its own nooks and crannies, and choosing the right agent to use for each map is crucial in Valorant. With so many variations in the draft, knowing the right set-up can help you maintain your lead, or turn everything around in a tough match.

Choosing the right agent for your map can make a big difference. Whether you’re an aggressive duelist, a dastardly sentinel, a daring initiator, or a formidable controller, making the right choices on a particular map will allow you to take full advantage of map-specific setups and layouts. can.


Recommended agent: Omen, Skye, Killjoy, Neon, Bleach

Lotus is the game’s newest map featuring three spike sites. Due to its relatively large size, agents who can fully secure a site or those with high mobility can take advantage of the map’s fragile movable doors.

For example, Omen’s ultimate allows agents to teleport from one site to the exact opposite site, giving them enormous amounts of time to plant safely. Killjoy, on the other hand, is able to lock down the entire site, allowing her team to focus on her other two instead, defending one independently and fighting fairly when charged. increase.


Recommended agent: Brimstone, Rays, Cipher, Astra, Jet

Playing in Valorant’s underwater city is a lot of fun. This map innovates on previous offerings, allowing teams to control the pace and rush into sites or play a little more tactically. Additionally, the narrow passageways on this map allow the roamers to truly shine.

Astra is the perfect controller to play with Pearl. her ultimate Cosmic Divide The entire map can be split in half, stopping the enemy team from storming the site before the team can switch sides, or denying the entire site the possibility of defending it.

It’s pretty off-meta these days, but a knack for blocking Cypher’s flanks can help you lay a tripwire on your A site. spy camera Help collect valuables intel about enemy locations. However, to get the most out of your agents, it’s a good idea to learn a few lineups before attending a match.


Recommended agent: Rays, Brimstone, Bleach, Neon, Fade

There is a huge zipline in the middle, and a defender spawns in the middle of the map.This Valorant map brought a lot of innovation from its early days two sites It’s a formula and feels like a synthesis of all the maps that came before it.

Rays are Perfect Fracture Duelist. Most sites can be easily defended with well-placed attacks. grenade.and chase her boombot Using Mid Sight or B Sight can help you quickly identify where the enemy team is coming from. Additionally, if you use her bag Properly, you can go through the map and pick out some nice RPG shards.

Fade’s choice here is a bit controversial, but her ability to gather information and control enemy positions with Haunt can sometimes feel like psychic powers, especially in areas like the B Tower You may. suffice it to say; Cypher They both serve the same purpose to some extent, so they’re perfect for this map as well.


Recommended agent: Sage, Jet, Viper, Sova, Chamber

Made up of small walls and long corridors, Breeze is an absolute haven for operators due to its focus on ranged combat. However, both sites on Breeze feel much more dense than sites on the other maps, so agents with better zoning perform better.

In that regard, Jet is the best duelist for Breeze. The map consists of short walls, allowing Jet to: Wind Thanks to her Q, the updraft, I was able to pass most of them. Additionally, you can peek at the site from a specific angle.

Viper is an absolute specialist when it comes to area control, and excels at locking down both sites. She’s great because her abilities allow her to both attack and defend sites with ease.Ability to create covers toxic screen Or hope the enemy team attacks another site. viper sight She turned out to be a deadly pick.

ice box

Recommended agent: Sage, Killjoy, Reyes, Omen, Reyna

Icebox was the first map to feature ziplines, allowing for greater vertical travel combined with reduced site traversal time. The map is full of narrow passages. However, the site is relatively open, which can lead to long-range showdowns.

Reina is Icebox’s best duelist.she Rare Enemies in the Mid and B Garages can be blinded.Additionally, Icebox tends to have multiple agents rushing to or defending the same site, so she secession It can prove very helpful in more stressful situations.

Sage is having a great time at Icebox. Her wall in close proximity to Backsight in A or Snowman in B and the iconic kitchen wall help zone out the whole angle. She’s not that great offensively, but her sheer usefulness on defense more than makes up for it.


Recommended agent: Killjoy, Brimstone, Rays, Jet, Viper

Bind is the first map to implement teleportation.This has led to the need for further mobilization Rotate Agents are obsolete. Instead, agents that can maintain a fort, or agents with better static utility, are definitely preferred in both the pro and pub metas of Bind.

One of the best agents to play in Bind is Killjoy. Her ability to completely lock down an area is unprecedented. Additionally, the fact that she can quickly teleport away and come back to defend the utility if the other side has trouble is extremely helpful, especially when the enemy team has multiple flankers.

Brimstone and its smoke allow you to set angles and push into sites that would otherwise be difficult to get into. Due to the relatively narrow map, you end up blocking the entire LOS of an angle-holding enemy, making it easy to Duelist Like Raze, you’ll be able to get some good picks as soon as you enter the site.


Recommended agent: Sova, Omen, Jet, Breach, Sage

Long walls, annoyingly hard to push A sites, and fast sage rotations that put Neon mains to shame – Haven has been a staple map for as long as we can remember. And after a long rotation, it’s clear that some favorites have emerged.

oh the iconic average jonas Play in Haven. This map actually feels like he was built for Sova. Ultimate multiple wall off ability to defend site, recon bolt doing most of the things intel– Collect before pushing the site. shock darts Zone off when enemies plant plants. Sova is a must pick in Haven.

Omen’s teleport helps him move around the site unlike other agents.on the map many The high verticality allows you to keep very odd angles that enemies rarely check. And if you’re in a pinch, you can get out of danger by teleporting to a completely different part of the site where the enemy team will take longer to move.


Recommended agent: Jet, Rays, Killjoy, Fade, Omen

Split has recently been improved quite significantly.Considering map defense Initially, it allowed for more balanced gameplay by introducing elements that help create fairer shootouts rather than a constant 50/50 scenario. defender Most of the time you will end up eating cake.

jet is awesome Duelist in split. Her ability to navigate narrow corridors and utilize the map’s open spaces with morbid Operator Plays and Ultimates is fantastic. She’ll be traded out every round at least, and her team will most likely be able to playoff with her.

bring two Duelist Mentioned here. But for good reason.Rays are the most popular Duelist in split.ability to take advantage of her bag The relative ease with which you can navigate your site and provide setup for your team or yourself (if you have Ultimate) cannot be underestimated. However, you’ll have to learn some pretty tricky lineups to take full advantage of her strengths.


Recommended agent: Killjoy, Sova, Omen, Jet, Kayo

We are big fans of KAYO from Ascent. He is an excellent initiator. flash It can wreak havoc on the enemy team. his main purpose is Duelist as soon as. For this reason, and the fact that he hasn’t really been replaced by a recent patch, he’s a pretty solid pick.

KJ may feel like a bit of a wildcard rise, her utility in offense feels almost useless compared to others like Sage. But B her ability to hold her sights almost alone and the fact that she can keep her utility active even when she’s close to Mid could be an absolute game changer.

Conclusion: Choosing the Right Agent for Each Map

It’s definitely possible to get an ace throughout the match with another lineup, but these are the most important. Optimal choice. So if you’re adept at handling your target agent, you’ll have a much better time in the match than choosing an agent that may not offer the same utility or functionality.

After all, Valorant is a game about wit and strategy as much as it requires precision aim and reflexes. So choose the right picks to turn the tide of battle in your favour.Might get Valorant too gift card from offgamer here If you want to optimize your chances with a better game. Best agents to use on each map of Valorant

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