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How to choose an emergency dentist in Brooklyn

Nobody is ready for dental emergencies. But the truth is they can happen at any time, so it is vital to have the contact of an emergency dentist on speed dial. This type of service is one of the most crucial aspects to consider when choosing a new dentist, and this blog will tell you why we believe that BowTie Dental Studio is your best choice.

Location of the Dental Office

BowTie Dental Studio is conveniently located in the heart of Williamsburg, one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Brooklyn, NY. Patients can easily access our office on North 12th street from any part of the city by car or public transport, and if they live nearby, they’ll enjoy a pleasant walk to our facilities.

Check the experience of an Emergency Dentist

Toothaches, dental trauma, lost teeth and severe swelling are the most common reasons our patients need emergency dental services. If you or your family have suffered from any of them, you probably know how important it is to receive dental care as soon as possible.

During your emergency visit, your BowTie Dental Studio emergency dentist will find what caused the problem and provide treatment to ease your discomfort. If your dental issue requires complex procedures to be solved permanently, our dentist will present you with a treatment plan and explain it in detail to ensure you leave the office knowing what to do next.

Quality of care and facilities

BowTie Dental Studio is your top choice when it comes to dental emergencies. We are committed to providing top-level dental service by keeping up with the latest tendencies in the dental field and receiving constant training. Our practice has a highly skilled and experienced group of dentists who are always ready to help you and equipped with state-of-the-art dental technology. Our facilities are so comfortable that many patients even forget they are at a medical center – it’s easy to get distracted by breathtaking views of the city.

Consider accessibility and waiting time

Just like medical emergencies, these situations require immediate attention. Our emergency services work round the clock, and there’s a dentist available to see you 24/7. If you are dealing with a dental emergency, get in contact with our office and schedule a consult. Our front-desk team will do their best to fit you in that very same day, and if the problem cannot wait (severe pain or swelling, non-stop bleeding or dental trauma), you will be seen immediately, even if you haven’t booked an appointment


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