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Bike Helmets for the Fashion-Conscious

It is always preferable to have good judgment. And many protective lids are very attractive. Even attractive. We present to you, in no particular order, the most popular helmet styles among fashionistas. For the best quality bike, and helmets visit here YAKKAY.

  1. Bike Helmet with a Straw Hat

The lightweight helmet technology of this hat-helmet hybrid is combined with the timeless elegance of a wide-brimmed sun hat. The result is a classic millinery style that is quietly powerful. For head-to-toe cycle cool, pair this helmet with your best sundress and cute shoes. This style tends to sell out quickly!

  1. Yakkay – Oilskin de Paris

Options are at the heart of the Yakkay helmet system. Protection is provided by a simple helmet base. It goes with any of the 15 adorable coverings. With a soft fur cover, the Paris design in Black Oilskin is the finest choice for everyday wear.

  1. Bike Helmet with a Thousand Gold

This is the one who has the potential to convert me into one of those nerds that walk around the supermarket wearing her helmet. It’s a go-to everyday helmet that also happens to be stylish. In addition, it comes in black.

  1. Crocodile Brown Sawako Furuno

With a Sawako Furuno helmet, you can’t go wrong. This London-via-Tokyo designer has mastered the art of cycling cool. Elegant stitching are manually applied to the incredibly feel imitation crocodile leather. Only a few hundred were made. You can still acquire one, though they tend to sell out quickly!

  1. AbusHyban Integrated LED Taillight Urban Helmet

Check out the AbusHyban Urban Helmet with Integrated LED Taillight if you prefer the look of a skate-type bike helmet but want the ventilation of a racing-style helmet. This helmet was built by a seasoned commuter, with a smooth domed profile that doesn’t skimp on vent holes and an exceedingly ingenious flashing rear light. Grey and white are also options.

  1. Bern Lenox Satin Black Summer EPS Helmet

Bern ultimately created a version for the ladies after noting how many women were purchasing their men’s-only range of multi-sport helmets. It’s ideal for keeping the styling simple and giving a palette of Pantone-approved colors. And not a smidgeon of pink.

7.Surface Multi-Sport Helmet by Giro

Giro is my go-to brand for inexpensive, cute equestrian-inspired sunglasses. The fit of this model can be adjusted with a dial on the back. If you prefer to change up your haircut, this is a nice function to have.

  1. Tree Piece by Coyle Holz

Coyle’s wooden helmets are stunning, stylish, and one-of-a-kind. For your head, high-end furniture. In Oregon, each one is created one at a time. If you prefer a less papery aesthetic, the Retrospec Classic Commuter Bike Helmet in Matte Wood Grain is a good option.

  1. Gotham Rubber Helmet by Triple Eight

The matte grey Gotham helmet has ultra-clean lines for all you minimalist-design monks. Your commute will be pure elegance.

  1. Casqu’En Ville Carambar Tweed Bike Helmet

Casque’En Ville is another base. There’s also a base helmet made of ultra-light carbon fiber. Casqu’En Ville will ship to the United States, however, these helmets are only approved for use in Europe.

Therefore these are the best kind of bike helmets design which are super fashionable and protective for riding.


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