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‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’ Teases Fans With First Photo

yes the time has come magic mike last dance. Perhaps it’s his last chance for romance (tonight). Indeed, we need him by our side, by our side, to guide us, to hug us, to scold us. (Based on the title, we’re assuming this movie is an adaptation of a Donna Summer song.)

Originally intended for release on HBO Max, Warner Bros. magic mike trilogy, debuting in theaters instead.This sequel stars again Channing Tatum Mike Lane, a beefy, warm-hearted male stripper. One of the key additions to the cast this time around is Salma Hayekappearing to play a woman named “Maxandra Mendoza”, based on the caption of the first official photo of the film, shown above. However, Hayek replaced her before production began in the fall.)

Hayek, who posted the photo to his Instagram account, described it as “a tease of what happens in theaters this Valentine’s Day weekend.”

magic mike last dance Director Steven Soderbergh returns to the series. Technically, he never left — he was the cinematographer and editor of the previous sequel. Magic Mike XXL — He didn’t direct the movie because he had the original magic mike(Gregory Jacobs took over that job.) Each of the first two magic mike The movies grossed well over $100 million against very small budgets of $7 million and $14 million respectively.

magic mike last dance will be released in theaters on February 10th.

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