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What you need to know about the Zoe Saldanha-led series

Pasta meets romance in this new Netflix series From the beginningBased on a romantic drama Amami Rock‘s New York Times bestselling memoir “From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home” follows an American student on a trip to Italy, where he plunges into art and meets her love by chance. life.The premise looks like it came from a cheesy Hallmark production, but the limited series also tackles illness and culture shock throughout episodes. Zoe Saldanha is about to hit the streaming platform. It covers everything you need to know before playing.

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Does From Scratch have a release date?

October may be a month full of spooky releases, but there’s always room for some guilt-inducing fun in between jump scares. From October 21st, All 8 episodes of From the beginning It will be available on Netflix for bingeing soon.

“In Italy, there is a saying: In a dream, like in love, everything is possible.” Set the stage for a love story. When they meet, they forge an instant connection that goes beyond their passion for art and food. These two souls with different backgrounds decide to live together in the United States and deal with illness and cultural differences as a result. Will their love be enough to withstand the challenges ahead? The response will be revealed soon after it goes live later this week.

In addition to the trailer, Netflix released a behind-the-scenes look at the series on October 12th.

What should I know about plotting From Scratch?

As previously mentioned, the series is inspired by Tenbi Rock’s memoir featuring Amy and Reno’s love story. Despite growing up on opposite sides of the world, their appreciation for life and genuine feelings for each other lead them on a roller coaster journey. I decided to take time away from the program to devote myself to learning more about Renaissance art during my stay. She chances upon chef Reno at a Sicilian restaurant and clicks from the start. However, when they decide to move to America and build a future as a couple, they find it’s not all about fun. I’m having trouble finding the . On top of that, the unexpected diagnosis made the couple trust each other and their families are from their respective countries.

Check out the official synopsis description shared by Netflix:

“Amy’s idyllic summer of studying abroad starts off perfectly. Good food, handsome companions, and a beautiful seaside backdrop. But her journey quickly becomes complicated. The couple’s cultural differences aren’t enough.” As if it were, Reno soon faces a health problem that could tear the two lovers apart.To survive this unexpected ordeal, Amy and Reno must unite their families and travel across borders. We need to build a cross-country support system that overcomes obstacles by

Who is the cast of From Scratch?

With two love birds, Zoe Saldanha Eugenio Mastrandreia I have Amy and Reno From the beginningBest known for her roles in box office juggernauts such as guardian of the galaxy When Avatar, Saldanha rarely eschews the sci-fi genre. This is one of her few contributions in the realm of romance, as she grapples with the struggle to intervene in her relationship with Reno, watching her play the character according to her passion for painting. is exciting.of interviewing peoplethe actress opened up about her emotional reaction after reading the book Reese Witherspoon approached her to be part of the on-screen adaptation.

“We all know how Tembi Rock and Saro’s story ends when I read it, but the story of their love, their friendship, their lives, their journeys, their life is timeless. And it touched me deeply.”

Like his co-stars, Mastrandreia has experience in true Italian crime productions, but has never ventured into a romance on-screen project in his acting career. It is also his first major international role.

In addition to these two Giacomo Gianiotti (Grey’s Anatomy), Daniel Deadweiler (fall harder), Keith David (green leaves), Terrell Carter (empire), Jonathan Del Arco (near), Peter Mendoza (family food), Jonathan Dylan King (take the fall), Rodney Gardiner (David Makes Mann), Lucia Sardo (alone with her dreams), paride benasai (un puño di amici), When Judith Scott (dear white people) is part of an ensemble.

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Who is the director from scratch?

It’s the director who leads the series from behind the camera Zinga Stewartpreviously worked with Netflix on the directorial debut of a feature film tall girlHe has also directed episodes of popular TV shows such as . maid, how to get away with murderWhen Grey’s AnatomyIt was while working on a later television project that she met one of the cast members From the beginning, Giacomo Gianotti.Here’s what the actor had to do Tell Entertainment Weekly On participating in another project led by Stewart:

“When I saw her talent, I knew immediately that she was on her way to stardom. Zoe Saldanha was so good and kind. She is a true example of what every star should aspire to in every category. We were so excited to shoot our first episode together. This book, this story, masterfully written by Tembi Locke, I truly believe this series will touch the deepest emotions of people around the world.The themes of love, loss, joy and sorrow are Everything is universal.” What you need to know about the Zoe Saldanha-led series

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