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Games Inbox: Has PS5 beat the current generation?

Have you won it yet? (Photo: Sony)

Thursday’s letter page hopes Konami and Hideo Kojima will patch it because one reader has a solution Xbox custom music.

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See stories about how well things are going, PlayStation 5 I think it’s clear that in this generation it’s unstoppable, it’s already “winning”.apparently now Tracking for PlayStation 4 and above It could even become one of the most successful consoles ever.

I don’t see a way for Microsoft to catch up. Not unless Fable or something suddenly comes next Last of Us, and yet I don’t really see it. This means another generation where the Xbox will finally come out. This is 3 in a row.

This isn’t me yelling at you, it’s just that I’m starting to understand Microsoft’s take on buying Activision Blizzard. They need to do something drastic to break through, and I don’t think that’s the end of it, but I can understand why they thought so.

I own a PlayStation 5 and don’t want Sony to have no competition.

final fling
loved you Advance Wars review, GC. It’s always been one of my favorites and I’m so happy to see it again. You can imagine Nintendo probably made that decision when they delayed it in the first place. Because this sort of thing seems to happen to games all the time.Some event happens in the real world and Nintendo thinks it’s too insensitive to release.

Well, at least the remake is good and everything could be fine. I can’t even imagine what problems Nintendo thinks they’re getting around with it. They didn’t allow voice chat or text chat, so what’s the problem?

strange logic
So those Switch 2 rumors seem to be gaining momentum, and as GC highlights, the Switch is now over six years old. But surely Nintendo wouldn’t want to announce a release date later this year, say Spring 2024, as it would hurt Christmas sales, right?

If you’re considering a Switch purchase and find out that the upgrade is coming out in the next 3-4 months, I’ll reach out. Huh? This is unlike the Switch announcement, where the Wii U was put on the shelf and largely ignored by consumers.

Maybe they’ll reveal it in October or November along with price cuts for Switch models and see them through that Christmas season? Given the success of the Mario movies, I don’t think the company is struggling too much. Maybe I’m overthinking this?

GC: What you say makes perfect sense. An announcement a few months later in 2024 seems most logical. However, not only is Nintendo often not logical, many rumors claim it could actually be released this year. In fact, more than claiming a 2024 launch seems unlikely, but who can say?

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video game system
In response to Hudson, why would the PlayStation 5 be the best console choice?!

The Xbox has a more powerful CPU and GPU, more backward-compatible games, is cheaper and smaller than the PlayStation 5, and has Game Pass. Remember, with Microsoft Rewards you can earn enough points to get Game Pass for free. I haven’t spent a penny on game pass in these two years of him!

OK, the PlayStation 5 has a better controller and a faster SSD, but that’s about it. It’s about time the PlayStation folks woke up to the facts!

GC: No mention of … games on either console?

deep clean
I recently discovered that the Ghosts Of Tsushima Director’s Cut can be downloaded as part of the PS Plus package, allowing me to play the DLC.

Unfortunately, I seem to have deleted the save data from when I cleared the game before. Includes cloud data.

Is there a way to access the DLC from a new game or download someone else’s save data from a completed walkthrough so they can access the DLC without completing the game again?

Any help would be appreciated.

GC: Not sure, but maybe readers can help. How did you manage to remove it so thoroughly?

going home
Over the weekend, there was another rumor about a Metal Gear Solid 3 remake. Why don’t Konami make a game? They’ve got proof over and over again that people are interested, but they never go through with it and remake it. are you

I think it’s because they think the fans would revolt if Hideo Kojima wasn’t involved, is that true? Ordinary people wouldn’t mind, and I think most people would be happy if they stick to a straight remake without changing anything.

Or…can they try to fix things with Kojima? All he needs to do is give the remake his blessing and most fans will settle down. doesn’t even need to work on it. Or Konami could offer to publish some of his new games. I want to see you come.

background music
In reply to a letter about custom soundtracks for Xbox. Technically still possible. Download the TuneIn Radio app, Spotify, etc. to your Xbox, set it to play, then enter the game and it will play in the background.

here is the link for more information. After launching his own internet radio station last year, he did some research. Hope this helps!
Play with Subzero Radio (available on TuneIn Radio) while you tackle Warzone 2.

We just watched the finale of The Mandalorian season 3 and while there was some fun action, the season as a whole was such a step back from the first two that it’s hard to believe it had the same people involved. What happens makes little sense, you keep inventing little details you don’t need, the only point of which is to make things look even more ridiculous (I’m trying to avoid spoilers, but really, I can speak anything).

This leads me to what everyone assumes is an unannounced yet inevitable game. I really hope it’s bounty hunter themed and not literally a Mandalorian tie-in, because the idea of ​​having to drag every ridiculous plotline into a game just doesn’t sound appealing at all. increase. .

It should be a completely open-ended game where you choose what kind of bounty hunter you want to be, go out and try to make money anyway. For me, it’s much more interesting than recreating scenes from shows and such.

I could have Mando appear if I wanted to, or be a quest giver once in a while, but I wouldn’t want to see more. I also need a good script.

Run Inbox too
Why was I so excited to see Street Fighter 2: Special Champion Edition added to the Mega Drive lineup on Switch Online? I didn’t know until it happened. Console Wars 4 Life!
John Atkinson

I’m not going to lie. These Lego Sonic sets look pretty cute. I’m also very curious what the rumored Zelda set will look like.I’m surprised it didn’t come out at the same time as Tears of the Kingdom.
good looking

hot topic of the week
This weekend’s Inbox theme was suggested by reader Roland, who asked if the series could be rebooted.

Which franchise are you unhappy with right now? How do you fix it? Is it a soft reboot focused on new characters and gameplay while maintaining the same continuity, or keep nothing necessarily from previous games? It may be a hard reboot that does not.

What are the main problems with the franchise at the moment? Why are they unlikely to be fixed in a regular sequel? Do you think the reboot could have been avoided had the changes been made earlier, Or do all series need them from time to time?

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