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7 hardest agents to use in VALORANT

Valorant brings a much-needed innovation to the tactical FPS genre by introducing a variety of agents, each with their own skills, abilities, and playstyles. With rosters expanding each year, there are some agents that stand out among the masses due to the sheer amount of skill required to play effectively.

What are Valorant’s hardest agents to use, and why did they earn that title in the first place?

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7. Viper

One of Valorant’s original controllers, Viper was widely considered to be the hardest agent to play in Valorant in its first year of release. Is difficult.First, it is very capable time dependentBoth of her two signature abilities, Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen, can only be used if she has enough. fuel Available – Regenerates over time and drains very quickly.

Essentially, this means that you really need to time your abilities to make sure they do. You don’t want to expose yourself to smoke while crossing a river. busy corner.Secondly, Viper’s entire kit is based on lineupIf you don’t know where to place smoke or screens on a particular site, you could be doing more harm than good to your team.

Therefore, before you start using Viper, you should remember the lineup of each site, both attackers and defenders. one Use specific maps to avoid wasting your entire kit on subpar strategies in a round.

6. Cypher

Cypher is another agent for which the kit does not provide any inherent utility. Only game placement and understanding will help you play with that utility and information that can be devastating to the enemy team.

So you need to understand your innate knowledge of the map and where to put your utilities, as well as communicate with your team so that you can take advantage of the information you receive from your traps and cameras. Otherwise, Cypher feels practically useless throughout the game.

Ultimate is also not that strong. However, if used correctly, knowing the location of all enemy agents on the map can lead to excellent counterplay even in heavily defended sites, so it is an absolute win for your team. can be accommodated.

5. Reina

Reyna has been a staple of Valorant ever since the game exited the closed beta stage. Used primarily by players who pride themselves on their goals, either mowing down the entire enemy team or getting a headshot 10 seconds into the round. to get

And this is where Reina really lacks. you have to get the first kill From Disengage to Heal, almost every utility is available. Her flash can be easily fired from the sky. exclusively Rely on your aim to win the first shootout. Then the agent really opens.

Unlike other agents who have immediate utility, Reina can be a serious bottleneck and disadvantage if you can’t take down the enemy team early.

4. Neon

Another duelist makes an appearance on the list, is it a pattern? Neon is a super fun hero to play. Her kit revolves around accelerated movement speed, allowing her to close gaps and rotate sites very quickly, but her strength quickly falls into the wrong hands. to her greatest weakness.

Learning her moves can prove to be quite difficult, especially for beginners. It also requires communication within the team to work. Otherwise, you might just be solo rushing the site. However, it only defeats the purpose of Rush in the first place and is traded out.

She has received a few buffs since her original release, but her moves are still hard to master and players are still spinning, which can leave them stuck in situations without backup from their team. I have.

3. Raise

Probably the agent with the highest skill cap on this list, Raze is very easy to learn but very hard to master. Enhancing and taking picks along the way can be very tedious, especially on maps with limited vertical movement.

Her usefulness is not at all difficult to understand. Playing her at a high level, however, takes a lot of practice. Unlike Viper, Raze cannot rely on a preset lineup of every site to survive. Many times I get stuck in situations where I have to come up with innovative satchel jumps that can translate into kills thanks to my mobility.

2. Chamber

The chamber is your agent of choice very Be confident in your goals. Most of the Agent’s utility revolves around his ability to use his ultimate to get free Operator-esque weapons, or the Sheriff if that’s feeling too intense.

his style of play resemble to Reina. You’ll be a solo flagger most of the time, allowing your team to set up kills for you, but for better or worse, it’s you who pulls the trigger.Ironically, Chamber plays more of his Duelist than a Sentinel. I’m here. This is because Riot puts an intrinsic value in going for kills with their kits rather than holding down sights and flanks.

1. Astra

Astra is the hardest agent to play in Valorant, and with Valorant nerfing her in a recent patch, it’s clear that Riot found Agent too easy to play. is pretty straightforward, but Astora’s smoke requires you to be vulnerable in-game and at the same time transported to another dimension.

Additionally, poorly placed ultimates can actually be detrimental to your team as they completely block your ability to hear audio cues and see the enemy team coming, which is an important part of identifying enemies in a tactical shooter. may become.

You also need to over-communicate with your team to avoid sucking up viable entry points, and you also need to time your utility to follow enemy movements. Can be intimidating, but players need practice to even out slightly She’s decent, which makes her the hardest agent in Valorant.


Of all the agents on this list, Astra is the hardest agent to play.However, with enough practice very Understanding your teammates will allow you to get some sweet ults in no time.

However, if you consider that what you’re going for, playing Reyna or Chamber isn’t such a bad idea. Please be careful. But if you’re really looking for utility and mobility, playing Raze, Viper, and Cypher will give you hours of fun with new lineups and mechanics.

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