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funeral poems to say goodbye

You never said I’m leaving You never said goodbye Before I knew it you were gone And only God knew why.

I needed you a million times, cried a million times. If only love could have saved you, you would never have died.

I loved you with all my heart when I was alive, and I love you after death. You hold a place in my heart that no one can fill.

Losing you broke my heart but you didn’t go it alone

don’t stand at my grave and cry

Don’t stand on my grave and cry I’m not there I do not sleep I am a thousand winds that blow.I’m a diamond sparkle on the snow

Mary Elizabeth Fry

death is nothing

goodbye poem

Life means everything it ever meant. It’s the same as ever. There is an absolute, unbroken continuity. What is this death but a trivial accident? Just because you can’t see it, why should you care?Somewhere very close, around the corner while I’m just waiting for you

Henry Scott Holland

don’t be kind to that good night

Don’t go into that good night calmly.Rage Rage In the vanishing light

Dylan Thomas

because death couldn’t stop me

I could not stop for death, so he kindly stopped for me. All the carriage had was ourselves and immortality. We drove slowly He knew no hurry There the children looked in the hollow of the ring Past fields of grain Looking past the setting sun Or rather he passed us The dew shivered and felt the cold Gossamer, for my gown alone My tippet – Tulle alone We paused in front of the house The swell of the ground The roof was barely visible The cornice of the ground Centuries have passed since then, but it feels shorter than the horse’s head to eternity The date I first guessed that –

Emily Dickinson

funeral poems for the loss of parents

she disappeared

You can cry that she’s gone, or you can smile that she was alive. You can also see everything left by .You can meet her or be filled with the love you shared

David Harkins

The Gardener LXI (Peace My Heart)

May the last touch of your hand be gentle, like the flowers of the night. Beautiful End, pause for a moment and say your last words in silence. I bow to you and hold up my lamp to light your way. You’ve Just Walked on Ahead of Me by Joyce Grenfell This funeral poem is especially appropriate for our first caretakers, mothers. I’ll try my best to deal with it But I miss you She if she could see you And if she could feel your touch againYes you just walked in front of me Don’t worry I’m fine But sometimes I swear I feel your hand slipping inside me

Rabindranath Tagore

the sonnet is full of love

I love you, mother, I have woven a wreath of rhymes to crown your honorable name: in you the flame of love cannot be dimmed for forty years .

Christina Rossetti


Felt so cold A snowball cried in my hands Roll it in the snow and it grew until I could sit Looking back at the house I woke up in my room and it was cold but the windows Blinded by the ice and I couldn’t breathe undressing in the air. The cold also hugged the snow torso I lifted to make a snowman In my arms my toes were burning and cold In my winter boots. My mother’s voice calling me out of the cold. And her hands were peeled and cold She then dipped the potatoes into the bowl and stopped making cups Her daughter’s face, cold kisses on cheeks, kisses on my cold nose.But it wasn’t as cold as a February night My mother lay young and old Who opened the doors of the chapel of peace Kisses her foreheads back My lips knew what cold meant

Anne Duffy

over there

goodbye poem

Consider that he lives in love over there, like love here. Consider him still the same.I say he’s not dead – he’s just away

James Whitcombe Riley


This is a beautiful poem for my father’s funeral. I was glad to live and I was glad to die And I laid me down with a will Here he lies where he wanted; : The house is a sailor, returning home from the sea.And the hunter came back from the hill

Robert Louis Stevenson

cross the bar

Twilight and evening, and then darkness! And may there be no parting sorrows when I come aboard.From the boundaries of time and place The flood may carry me far He wants to meet the pilot face to face when he crosses the bar

Sir Alfred Tennyson

funeral poems for brothers

she walks in beauty

One more shade, one less ray, half the nameless elegance.A place where gentle and sweet thoughts express, How pure and how lovely they belong

Lord Byron

Sing Me a Song of a Lad That is Gone

Give me again everything that was there Give me the sun that was shining! Give me an eye, give me a soul, give me a lost youth!

Robert Louis Stevenson

On the death of Anne Brontë

There are few joys in life for me, and few fears in the grave. I’ve lived my parting time To see someone who would have died to save. I long to see Death’s Shadow cast with my beloved face as I stare calmly at my gasp. Clouds, hush that must be parted The love of my life must be separated from me. And thank God with all my heart, thank God with fervor. We knew we had lost hope and glory in life. And now I have to stay up late, tossed by storms, and endure an exhausting struggle alone.

Charlotte Brontë


He was always kind and true, and guarded your every step, but your long, turbulent life was long gone, and now is long gone. to you. He’s only turned a corner — yet he’s marching on with the right good intentions Through quagmire and swamp, over highlands and hills A road just as hard — a road just as high and hopeful You Neither he nor he has tried yet through many questionable roads to the day. He’s not dead, this friend—he’s not dead, but in the path we mortals take, a few small steps are ahead and the end is near. So that you, too, can meet face-to-face with this friend you thought was dead when you turn the corner. Cheer up, strong heart! While you’re going miles ahead, he’ll prowl with a backwards grin until you catch up, squinting his eyes for his wake, whistling, looking you over the brakes, I will wait at the railroad crossing.

Robert Louis Stevenson

i’m standing on the shore

The moment someone says, “Look, she’s gone,” there are other eyes and other voices watching her come.

Henry Van Dyke


Then Almitra said, “We will ask about death now.” And he said: You know the secret of death. Blind day and night, the owl cannot unlock the mysteries of light. If you really want to see the spirit of death, open your heart wide to the body of life. Life and death are one, just as the river and the sea are one. Beneath your hopes and desires lies your silent knowledge of what lies ahead. And like seeds dreaming under the snow, your heart dreams of spring. For in dreams the door to eternity is hidden. Your fear of death is but the shepherd’s trembling before the king. The shepherd rejoices under his trembling to wear the mark of the king. But isn’t he paying more attention to his shivering? What is dying but standing naked in the wind and melting into the sun? And to hold your breath, does it mean that you can free your breath from its restless currents, rise, expand, and seek God unhindered? Only when you drink from the river of silence can you? I would really sing And when you reach the top of the mountain, start climbing.When the earth takes your limbs, you’ll truly dance

Khalil Gibran

funeral poems for grandparents


goodbye poem

But even as she falls, she hopes for an unconquered, resilient spring again. Her golden wings still float and hold us tight.

Charlotte Brontë

funeral poems for friends

Farewell my friend

As long as it lasted it was beautiful A journey of life No regrets A precious heart that loves and cares except for the pain it leaves And eyes heavy with sleep and always wet. Smile despite the lumps and threads in your throat pulling through your heart and soul. The strong arms that held me up When my own strength let me down. Every bite I ate was filled with God’s love. Every time my life changed, I met good friends. A friend who stayed by my side even after time passed. Goodbye, goodbye, my friend. I say goodbye with a smile. No, don’t cry, I don’t need them, all I need is your smile. If you feel sad, think of me. Remember those times when you lived in the hearts of those you love….you never die.

Rabindranath Tagore

epitaph on my own friend

A faithful man lies here in peace. May the image of God be blessed. A friend of man, a true friend. Friend of the Ages, Guide of the Youth: Few have a heart like his, a warm virtue, Few have a head with knowledge and are so informed: If another world If so, he lives in bliss.If nothing, he made the most of this

robert burns


goodbye poem

Remember me when I’m gone When you can’t hold me by the hand, I turn half way too, but stay. Remember me, when the days are over you will tell me about our future that you have planned: remember only me. Then it will be too late to consult or pray.But if you forget me for a while and remember later, don’t be sad, even if the darkness and corruption are gone, if the traces of the thoughts I once had remain, forget and smile more than remember and grieve. better to be

Christina Rossetti

Add these poems to memorials and funerals to give them the goodbye they wanted. Don’t forget one thing. funeral poems to say goodbye

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