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16,000 Twitch Viewers Watch How xQc Can’t Hang Laundry Properly

Doesn’t look good (Photo: Twitch)

convulsions Star xQc During the livestream, he started cleaning up his room, but what he found didn’t sit well with many viewers.

You can often catch a glimpse of his room when xQc is streaming on Twitch, but it looks pretty messy most of the time.

It’s a topic often brought up by his chatter, but you can’t blame him for wanting to sit back and relax after a long stream instead of doing chores.

In a recent stream, xQc finally found time to clean up his room and keep the camera moving so viewers can keep him motivated when he wants a break.

Many viewers wanted to see him clean his room and do the laundry and gain more insight into the streamer’s daily life.

In fact, they were so intrigued by xQc’s cleaning adventures that over 65,000 people stayed to watch him clean a room, and clips of him cleaning floors alone were viewed 16,000 times. got views.

However, what they were presented with was not as exciting as they had hoped.

Countless to-go cups, half-eaten pizzas, and other snacks lay on the floor and other free surfaces in his room.

xQc wisely wore gloves while picking up trash and placing it in black trash bags.

Some immediately said, “I see mold,” “It’s awful,” etc., and one suggested that the mold on his pizza had been there for so long that it eventually built its own “civilization.” .

A clip of xQc doing laundry was also circulated on Reddit, claiming it was a first for the streamer and garnering over 4,500 upvotes.

Many Redditors immediately jumped on xQc to roast and raise the fact that the 27-year-old adult male must know how to do these chores.

xQc didn’t help his case. When I put my clothes in the washing machine, he kept asking me if I put the right amount of laundry detergent in the chat and if I was doing it right.

Given that he has two laundry pods and may have used stain remover on just a few pieces of clothing, there’s good reason to think he doesn’t know how to do laundry.

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