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Editor’s WordPress Themes Pick: What Should You Look For and How to Find It

Why it is Important to Choose an Exclusive WordPress Theme for Your Business Site

When building a website, it is essential to make sure that it aligns with your business’s goals and objectives. It will provide an exclusive brand that your website visitors will engage with. Therefore, it is important to take care of web design. And the most dominant platform for self-hosted websites, WordPress, is optimal for this purpose. Its web templates are quickly installed and very easy to customize. What’s more, you can change any part of a page with a click of a button through the admin panel. This is considered an excellent tool for those who need a quick and easy way to update their design without hiring a professional designer.

How to Understand WordPress Theme Functionality

WordPress themes are the building blocks of websites. They are responsible for how a website looks and functions. In other words, a theme is a template that contains all the elements that make up your website. It is usually made up of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files that make up the front-end design for your website. Above all, theme functionality refers to how it works with WordPress’s components like widgets, plugins, extensions, etc. We’ll talk about that next, but for now, let’s look at what WordPress templates can do for you.

There are some good reasons to pick a theme for your website. Whether it’s to be more accessible, maintain SEO on your site, or showcase what you offer to potential customers, there are benefits for you to earn and invest in:

  • First, a catchy presence on the web will make your business stand out from the rest.
  • Second, an attractive appearance reflects your brand and company values.
  • Finally, choosing an exclusive theme is one of the best ways to engage your audience.

Thus, selecting a template for your business site is not merely about finding a design that will look good on paper. It is also about creating an environment conducive to building trust with your customers and prospects.

Which Editor’s Pick WordPress Themes are Best for You and Why

There is a wide variety of WordPress themes out there. However, editor’s picks are the ones that guarantee great customization options and excellent support. These are usually the best choice for people who want to customize their site the way they want it. They offer many features and tools to help you create a unique website. Moreover, editor WordPress themes offer drag-and-drop builders such as Cherry Framework and MotoPress Editor to provide users with flexible custom options and wide functionality. And it doesn’t matter what your niche is. There is always something to pick from business & services, fashion & beauty, design & photography, computers & Internet, real estate, etc.

Selecting the Right Theme for Your WordPress Site

WordPress designs are very diverse. Some might be too generic or might not offer the options you need. For example, if you run a restaurant, you should look for a WordPress theme with a food blog layout. If you are an e-trading company, the best option would be to find a WordPress theme with an eCommerce layout. Thus, your task is to choose the right web design.

The number of templates available in the market these days can become overwhelming, but by understanding their features and prioritizing, you can find one that works best for your needs. So let’s take a look at what’s important and works best in e-business.


Responsive web design is a technique that allows designing websites for the best user experience. It enables web pages to change their layout, depending on the screen size it is being viewed on. Such a technique is also called ‘mobile-friendly’ or ‘mobile-first,’ as it was primarily designed with mobile users in mind. This is becoming a common trend among designers to make their websites accessible on smartphones and PCs alike.

Many sites switched to RWD back in the early 2000s. And now, it has become popular because it’s a cost-effective way for developers to create websites that are easy for users to navigate across multiple devices. Besides, responsiveness is also an essential part of mobile app development. It allows apps to adjust their layout for different screen sizes, resolutions, and orientations.

Admin Panel

An admin panel is a tool that allows you to manage and control a website’s settings and content. For example, you can use it to organize and categorize your blog posts into categories or tag them with keywords that would help search engines index them better. The admin panel is found in the website’s back-end and is generally only available to web admins, moderators, etc.

WordPress is a good example of the most simple and intuitive admin panel. It has a built-in dashboard that allows you to do everything from setting up your blog, managing your plugins, themes, and widgets, to creating pages and posts and customizing your site’s appearance.


A blog is a section of a website that contains blog posts. It is a useful way to reach out to the target audience in the most efficient way. A blog is often used to:

  • Share the latest news, opinions, and insights about a particular topic or industry.
  • Gain more visibility and increase their ranking on search engines.

A blog is not just about publishing content. It is designed to provide information on your company’s website and allow users to interact with you through comments or social media sharing. Most importantly, SEO-ready blog posts can help generate more traffic by attracting new visitors who might not have known about a web resource without a blog section.

Sample Content

To start a website, you’ll need ideas to write about. A great way to come up with writing topics is by using samples. Therefore, templates usually offer an example of how best to place your content. They ensure that the content is consistent and meets the client’s needs. It also helps create a more professional appearance for the website or blog. Thus, templates provide you with sample text to use as-is or with minor changes.


The retina-ready template is a type of responsive design that is optimized for hi-def screens. It includes larger text, sharp images, and CSS, making it easier for web designers to create websites with high resolution. It has been developed to work on devices with retina screens and offers a higher level of clarity and visual appeal due to its crispness and sharpness. Meanwhile, the retina-friendly design is becoming more popular because it’s better suited for mobile devices, increasingly being used to browse the Internet.

The retina-ready template has been around since 2010, when Apple released their Retina Display. It was originally designed for iOS apps and later modified by a group of developers to be used on the web.

Google Maps

We know Google Maps as a location-based service that provides maps and navigation features. It uses the power of Google’s search engine to give users information about businesses. And so that users don’t have to run back and forth to find a particular company, site owners integrate Google Maps directly into their sites.

In the past, traditional marketing tactics relied on static, printed advertisements to effectively connect with customers. With the rise of digital media, marketers can use interactive and dynamic tools like integrated maps to engage their audience across multiple platforms. This allows for a more personalized and targeted experience for their customers. Embedded Google Maps is a top-notch tool to build trust and gain customer loyalty.

Dropdown Menu

A dropdown menu is a type of navigation that allows users to select from a list of options that appear when they hover over a certain page item. Thus, the visible page area looks neater and more compact. Typically, dropdowns make it easier for users to narrow down their desired content. Dropdown menus have been around for a long time, but they have gained popularity recently due to the rise of e-commerce. For example, this menu type is usually used for headers, including shopping carts.

A widely used type of dropdown menu is a MegaMenu, more detailed navigation that contains many links, including videos, products, categories, etc. MegaMenu is often used to display all of your products or services in one place. It is useful for sites with a lot of content, such as blogs or news sites. However, it may not be necessary for smaller web resources with less content.

24/7 Technical Support

Templates are a great way to save time and money when building your website, but they may not always be as easy to use as they seem at first glance. That’s why some web theme providers have a dedicated customer service team that can help customers with any issue they might be having while using a template. Providers offer phone, email, or live chat support, making it easier to answer their questions quickly.

Subscriptions & Memberships

One of the main bonuses of premium products is accessing them on favorable terms. Many digital marketplaces offer loyalty programs to give their most loyal customers discounted or free products.

For example, one of the popular digital providers, TemplateMonster, offers a subscription that allows free access to all the web assets of the MonsterONE library for a monthly/annual/lifetime fee. That is, you do not need to pay for each order — you can download as many products as you need as part of the subscription. Moreover, such memberships include a term-free license that allows you to use an item even if the subscription ends.

How to Extend Your Website’s Reach

The key to success on WordPress is choosing the combination of theme and plugins to match your needs. These are the tools that help you achieve your goals in different ways and have a major impact on the success of your site. They can help you with everything, from optimizing your blog to marketing your brand. For example, let’s say you plan to create an online store. Your steps are:

  1. Foremost, your WordPress theme should be optimized for an eCommerce website. Better yet, your store theme should be as close to your niche as possible.
  2. Downloading and installing a template is just half the battle. The next is customization. If you want to make your webshop stand out, try using a WordPress plugin like WooCommerce that converts your site into a full-fledged store and lets you sell products more comfortably.

In other words, with the help of a template, your site got an attractive, dignified look, and with the help of a plugin, you completed the image of your dream store. And to make it even better, you can install various extensions that are compatible with the installed WordPress plugin.

What is Next with Web Design and Customization

In the future, the Internet will be a place for self-expression. The design of the Internet is undergoing a major transformation. The web is becoming more customizable and personal. It’s no longer just a place for information but also for creativity and expression. This can be seen in the growing popularity of WordPress templates.

The next step in this process will be to create visually appealing websites personalized to each user’s needs, preferences, interests, and style. The future of web customization is yet to be seen, but we can expect more changes in this area with the advancement of AI technology.


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