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DICE reaffirms its commitment to Battlefield 2042 with new content next year

DICE has reaffirmed its commitment to supporting Battlefield 2042 for the long term.

EA developers have announced that Season 5 of the game has entered pre-production.

“Our team remains focused on Battlefield 2042, with a mix of veteran developers working on the first game to breathe new life into it,” DICE said in its latest article. blog post.

Interestingly, DICE says it will lean into elements of previous games to add depth to Battlefield 2042. “[I]n Season 5 details the previous games and how they appear in the world of 2042. ”

“The upcoming new Season 5 map will be the forgotten battlefield where combat was last seen in the Battlefield 4 era. It’s an overgrown region swallowed by vegetation from the war of 2042. Team play is key with vehicles and Facilitate infantry combat combinations.To victory.”

We also got some details for Season 4. This map will be “a smaller, shorter, and more linear map designed for the melee and personal melee combat that Battlefield is famous for.”

Since its disastrous November 2021 launch, EA has restructured Battlefield’s development, bringing in supporting studios Industrial Toys, Ripple Effect Studios, and Ridgeline Studios. Franchise led by Respawn’s Vince Zampella.

you can also Check out what’s new and content in Season 3which is out now. DICE reaffirms its commitment to Battlefield 2042 with new content next year

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